Fil-Am critic compares Duterte’s first 140 days to 30 years of Philippines under Aquinos. Must read!!!

A meme showing how President Duterte stacks up against the two Aquinos who served as presidents in the country has been turning heads online recently.

The Facebook page Flippinflips posted an infographics to highlight why President Duterte is better compared to President Cory Aquino and her son Pnoy.

According to the infographics of Flippinflips, in a span of 140 days, President Duterte attracted 13.5 billion dollars of investment during a visit to China. In addition to the economic windfall, Duterte is assured of peace and stability in the region from the communist government.

On one hand, two Aquino presidents could only produce 2.25 billion dollars in a span of 30 years and X number of days. Worse, Pnoy earned the ire of Beijing thus China grabbed atoll after atoll in the disputed Spratly Islands for his antagonistic approach to the economic and military powerhouse in the world.

If the meme/infographics is not enough to make the Aquino supporters mad, Flippinflips wrote a caption that will make their blood pressure rise to the roof that read as follows:

Gusto nyo malaman kung gaano kabangis ang agila ng davao? Eto para sa kaalaman ng mga kababayan natin sa buong mundo!

Si Pres. Duterte ay isang anghel, sugo ng diyos, matalinong pinuno, tapat sa bayan, at lahat na ng gusto nyong sabihin na kabutihan tungkol sa kanya!

Sipsip kami? ewan namin….. simpleng pagsisiyasat lang naman at makukuha ang katotohanan!…. idiot at bobo na lang talaga ang hindi maka-intindi nito!

Mabuhay po kayo pres. duterte, at sa mga gabinete, businessman, at si bbm na sumama sa inyo sa China!

Rough English translation:

Do you want to know how fierce the eagle of Davao is? This is to enlighten the Filipinos scattered around globe! President Duterte is an angel, heaven’s sent, an intelligent leader, loyal to the nation, and all the superlatives you can say about him! Are we sucking up to Duterte? We don’t know…Do your research to know the truth. Only idiots and the dumb refuses to understand. Long live Mr. President, to your Cabinet members, businessmen, and to BBM who accompanied you to China.

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Credits to Flippinflips

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