Fil-Am journalist reveals who’s who behind the Duterte ouster plot in viral photos

So who are the major players in the Duterte ouster plot aside from Fil-Am billionaire Loida Nicholas Lewis? Some of the names won’t come as a surprise to some of us.

On Friday, January 6, 2017, Los-Angeles based journalist John Shinn III posted a series of photos showing the people allegedly behind in the Duterte ouster plot.

According to Mr. Shinn, Loida Lewis met with Fil-Americans and a couple of columnists from a major daily paper in the Philippines for a get-together.

Atty. Rodel Rodis, a San Francisco-based lawyer hosted the get-together at his residence on December 22, 2016.

In attendance of the December meeting are Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Inquirer columnist Randy David, Inquirer reporter Benjamin Pimentel, Greg Macabenta, Inquirer columnists Atty. Ted Laguatan and Atty. Rodel Rodis.

During the December 22 get-together, Loida Lewis and company launched FAHRA, acronym for FILIPINO-AMERICANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ALLIANCE, a lobby group based in San Francisco.

The Fil-Am journalist alleged that this is part of group’s Duterte ouster plan.

“It was also during this gathering that the group launched Filipino Americans for Human Rights Alliance (FAHRA), another lobby group in Loida Nicolas Lewis’ campaign to oust democratically-elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte,” the Fil-Am journalist revealed.

According to his observation, a major daily newspaper is leading the Duterte oust movement.

“From the looks of it all, the Inquirer is leading the oust Duterte campaign in the U.S. with the financial help and guidance of Lewis and her network of connections in the U.S. news media and the Democratic Party,” the Fil-Am journalist alleged.

He refused to name the other characters who attended the get-together.

Loida Lewis spoke before  attended the Christmas gathering.


Screenshot of the Facebook post of Mr. Shinn:

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Moving forward, let us find out how former DILG Sec. Rafael Alunan III reacts on the Christmas get-together of Loida Lewis and company in San Francisco.

More incriminating names, photos, places, motives. Corroborates the email expos√®s now circulating in cyberspace and credence to the administration’s previous findings of an ouster plot by these careless and negligent conspirators.

They’re destabilizing the country; hindering nation-building; undermining PH-US relations, and; obstructing the campaign against drugs, crime and corruption. All because they’re sore losers? Or because they represent vested interests that refuse to give way to the national interest and common good?

The thing speaks for itself. Let the law take its course.

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