Fil-Am on Duterte: “For the first time, I finally see people that respect the leadership that was elected”

A viral post by a Filipino-American talks about the palpable changes before and when Duterte came into power is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Dave Jonathan Lamar, a Filipino-American, published his post on September 7, capturing the attention of netizens who shared the same view with the writer.

He was born and raised in Sariaya Quezon and dabbles in songwriting and singing.

In the post, Mr. Lamar noted that sudden shift in the attitudes of Filipinos towards the government which he said were despised by the people in the past for failing to look after their basic needs but nowadays are enjoying the respect and love by the people as soon as Duterte came into power.

Mr. Lamar also defended President Duterte from critics in the wake of the Obama controversy and implied he would take the cursing Duterte any day than the clean cut, classy and more eloquent Obama if he asked to choose between the two leaders.

Before ending his post, Mr. Lamar encouraged fellow Filipinos to take the hint from Duterte and start having more pride in this beautiful country just because we are Filipinos and not for anything else.

Check out the full text of the post below.


Hi! I’m Dave Lamar. I’m half Filipino, Half American. I was born in Lucena City, I was raised in Sariaya, and I call the Philippines my home. Ever since I can remember Filipinos have always despised the government, and for good reason. How can you respect a government that’s suppose to help and protect its people when they do the complete opposite? How do you respect your leaders when your leaders are the ones taking your hard earned money and just putting it in their pockets?

Restores faith in Filipinos to the government?

For the first time in my short existence on this planet I finally see people that respect the leadership that was elected. I talk to taxi drivers, fishermen, farmers, our neighbors in our barangay and just everyday common people and they all share the same sentiments about Duterte. Yes he’s a little rough around the edges and he uses language that is unorthodox for a president, but for the first time I see a leader of this country that is genuinely passionate for his people. A president who hurts when his people hurt. Who curses at the injustice that has been going on her for decades. Who doesn’t hide behind the security of a TelePrompTer or speech writer. Who’s love and sincerity for this country is undeniable! For the first time I’m seeing more and more Filipinos having more pride in their country not just because some Filipino singer sang on elen, won a boxing match, was in a Hollywood movie, or was recognized in some international way that has no impact on our personal lives.

Instilling pride among Filipinos

For the first time we have a president that is fighting for his people and is trying to instill the pride that has long been stolen from us. He is fighting the criminals that have ruled this country for decades. Yes, drug lords and politicians! He’s going against the tide, turning tables over left and right and cleaning house.

On Obama…

So what if he pissed off Obama? There are millions of AMERICANS that hate Obama because he’s the complete opposite of Duterte. He may be clean cut, speak more eloquently and be more “classy” than Duterte but actions speak louder than any flowery or colorful word you can utter. Duterte is trying to tell us to stop putting America up on a pedestal and to start having pride in our own country, our own lands, our own people! America has its own problems and so do we.

Lamar’s message to fellow Pinoys…

I love the Philippines and it’s people! I think it’s about time we take a hint from Duterte and we start having more pride in this beautiful country just because we are Filipinos and not for anything else. For the first time there is a leader and president that I finally respect. Mr. President, thank you for everything you do for the Filipino people! I know you’re not perfect, but your actions clearly speak louder than any curse word you utter.

The post has been shared almost 9,000 times and elicited 18,000 “wows” from netizens 5 days after the post went live.

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Source: Dave Lamar


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