Finally, may nauntog sa katotohanan — Jay Sonza on Robredo ally who admitted BBM is effective in communicating his message to voters

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza can’t help but commend a Robredo ally in the person of Manuel Luis Quezon III aka MLQ III for admitting that BBM has done a better job over Leni Robredo in communicating his message to the public in general and the voters in particular what kind of leader he is.

According to Quezon, BBM collared the most precious characteristic of a presidential candidate for himself: namely, being the candidate of Change and Hope. BBM did so, by means of his ad. (MLQ III was referring to the BBM ad showing him passing a miniature windmill to a kid and the kid to another actor in the ad.)

MLQ III lamented Robredo lost her chance because her ads were weirdly angled to please perhaps those who made them and approved them, but not the voters.

MLQ III noted that the overarching heart and soul of Robredo’s candidacy in the public mind does not exist until now because it hasn’t been communicated.

Sonza noted that despite MLQ III’s misgivings about the Duterte admin, he was brave enough for speaking his mind regarding the brutal truth about Leni and her team for bungling their chance to reclaim LP’s past glory.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to share their sentiment on Sonza’s post.

Yes MLQ3 nailed it. Gave us a high five Sir.

Na untog??? 😂😂 Ngayun alam nyo na nagkakalat yung babaeng pink ng kabobohan..

maniwala ka dyan sa Quezon na yan? yan nauntog? naku! baka nauntog…

It doesn’t really matter however they like to convey Her true self and platforms… They actually tried everything weirdest to overly-acted-seriousness…. The people SIMPLY don’t like her. Period…

His changing his tune? Fishy ba? Facts is fact’s! Truth hurts!

You may now read Jay Sonza’s brief FB post below.

Finally, may nauntog sa katotohanan.
For all his misgivings in the Duterte Administration, MLQ3 wrote the brutal truth about how Leni and her team are bungling their campaign to wrest leadership & governance.

He best described what has been obvious from day one of their journey to nowhere.


Source: Jay Sonza

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