Finally, pro-Duterte bloggers have met Duterte in person…one blogger gushes with superlatives about the encounter

“I can’t believe this just happened. By far one of the craziest and most incredible nights of my life.”

This is the tone of the voice of pro-Duterte social media influencer Franco Mabanta after meeting President Duterte personally in Malacanang, together with like-minded fellas.

“I thought I was just gonna get to shake hands with Duterte again,” Mabanta said.

“Instead I was in Malacañang Palace for SEVEN FUCKING HOURS sitting on a super exclusive panel with 12 of the most intelligent and influential people in the history of Philippine social media…talking face-to-face with the most powerful man in the Philippines. No audience. No press. Just us,” Mabanta wrote in awe of the experience.

“Are you kidding me?

We spoke about EVERYTHING — from the drug war and corrupt cops to a private chat with Trump to the de Lima sex tape to environmental issues to mistakes he’s made in his past to what makes him happy and angry and sad and grateful to a plethora of admissions we can’t reveal publicly. Unbelievable candidness and honesty from Digong and the group discourse that ensued was brilliant, clear, hilarious, enlightening and utterly unforgettable,” Mabanta still feeling overwhelmed with the once in a lifetime experience.


“We had a total of two meals, two trips on his boat, a PERSONAL TOUR of his guest room, bedroom and bathroom, a stellar number of anecdotes, and loads of insider info all in unnerving detail,” Mabanta boasted.

“What a sick life experience. I will never ever forget tonight, the night I got to kick it with the President,” Mabanta remarked.

Mabanta promised to write more about the meeting but not now. He has been too elated to write anything objectively.

“Will narrate the whole story tomorrow — too ecstatic at the moment to write anything objective.”


Meet and Greet with Social Media Staunch Supporters

President Rody Duterte welcomes his staunch supporters and bloggers led by Dr. Lorraine Badoy, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Rey Joseph Nieto of Thinking Pinoy at the Music Room in Malacañan Palace on February 7, 2017.


Posted by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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