Find out how Facebook page exposes Koko Pimentel’s true colors!

Since Senator Koko Pimentel became senate president of the 17th Congress, there has been some grumbling on social media questioning Pimentel’s loyalty to Duterte.

The suspicion on Pimentel’s loyalty heightened after the Cagayan de Oro senator issued a statement questioning the Supreme Court’s decision dismissing Sereno as CJ of SC.

The sentiment of Pimentel’s critics was typified in the viral meme circulating online recently. Please check below for your reference.

Credits to photo owner.

Meanwhile, the recent post of the Facebook page “We Are Collective” provided a more convincing argument why the public should believe that Koko Pimentel’s allegiance has always been with the Liberal Party and not to President Duterte.

Please read the full text of the post below for your reference.

14 senators reportedly signed the resolution calling for a leadership change in the Senate, effectively electing Tito Sotto as Koko Pimentel’s replacement.

They are: Sonny Angara, Nancy Binay, JV Ejercito, Chiz Escudero, Win Gatchalian, Dick Gordon, Gringo Honasan, Ping Lacson, Loren Legarda, Manny Pacquiao, Ralph Recto, Joel Villanueva, Cynthia Villar and Migs Zubiri.

According to a CNN report, Grace Poe is set to sign the resolution this Friday which will bring the total number of signatories to fifteen.

What is rather glaring is that no yellow senator signed this resolution, which pretty much validates our long-running suspicion that Koko is secretly in bed with the yellows.


On the contrary, all of the yellow senators, with the addition of a few balimbing epals, signed the resolution questioning the Supreme Court decision on Sereno’s ouster. This after Koko Pimentel declared that the controversial ruling just might cause a constitutional crisis.

Gives us a very clear picture of who’s siding who.

Pimentel tried so hard to keep his true colors from oozing out. But he failed miserably. Majority of his colleagues wanted him out otherwise they would have given him the courtesy of staying on as Senate President until the filing of candidacies this October.

And there is not even a guarantee that Koko can run for reelection, the reason why he backpedaled on his earlier statement so that he will not antagonize the SC.

When it rains, it really does pour.

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