Find out how this brave woman exposes former PMA’er Antonio Trillanes as a coward on Twitter!

Senator Antonio Trillanes has shot to prominence in the consciousness of the public as the brave and very macho spokesman of the Magdalo rebels who launched a coup under former President Arroyo.

Trillanes macho image has stuck at public’s mind, helping win a senatorial slot in 2010 and again in 2013 and 2016.

But that macho image of Trillanes has been questioned a countless times.

And once again, one brave woman has tested Trillanes macho image.

Meanwhile, it is no secret Sen. Antonio Trillanes is the the President’s worst and bitter critic since the President assumed power in July 2016.

However, despite Trillanes’ best efforts, the President has managed to survive all the political attacks of Trillanes if we based it on the high popularity ratings of Duterte as per SWS and Pulse Asia surveys.

But did it ever discourage Trillanes from attacking President Duterte?

I don’t think so.

On Twitter, Sen. Trillanes tweeted: “Sa totoo lang, after 2 years na pamamahala, napapaganda ba ni Duterte ang inyong buhay?”

Trillanes’ tweet has generated some buzz among his followers, basing on the 389+ likes it received nine hours after he posted the tweet.

However, like in any democratic country, not all people agree with Trillanes.

MJ Reyes, a known Duterte social media blogger, who relishes in putting down the senator did not miss the opportunity when she sees one.

On Twitter, MJ Reyes replied: “IN 2 years crime rate dropped by 30% +/-, ala ng laglag bala, gumaganda na sistema, kinilala na tayo ng ASEAN, Russia, China, Japan, US etc.”

To annoy Trillanes, MJ Reyes asked this: “The better question is: Sa 11 years mo as senator, ano nga ba ang ginawa mo napaganda ang buhay ng mga Filipino?”

Reyes’ tweet get on Trillanes nerve that he blocked MJ Reyes on Twitter right then and there.

Check the proof below.

Credits to MJ Reyes for the screen shot photo.

An apparently triumphant Reyes wasted no time in taking this as an opportunity to retaliate at Trillanes by exposing his true self – a senator with no balls who can’t take a woman as an adversary.


Mr. Senator, I did not mean to offend you.

See, I did not even insult you the same way you often do to the highest officer of our land. I also did not resort to false or distorted information. I answered truthfully and simply threw your own question back to you.

Since you often criticize, insult, or worse even demonize our President, I just thought you should, at the very least, be opened to questions & criticisms. Sadly, it seems the “golden rule” does not apply to you. Just the same, I respect your decision to have me blocked if you found my responses to your tweets annoying.


No worry, I am not as crybaby as others who cry foul and claim “death of free press” just because you blocked me, or that some trolls are bashing me left & right, or that others even resort to threats. I am not also as self entitled as Pia to even claim you are afraid of me or anyone for telling our side of the story.

You have your rights. I have mine. And while I can no longer read and/or rebut your tweets, I am confident there’ll be thousands of other concerned netizens who can and will respond even better–oh, just as I’m sure you have a lot of consultants to do the blocking every time a new netizen opposes your statements. 😉

Mel De Luna writes: “the bitter truth is that this senator of the land is not man enough to face and read criticism … sa tagalog, bakla but not in the sense of gender racism, but due to lack of courage”

Ernest Joon Escobar says: “Takot yan kasi maglalabasan Lang ang itinatago nya Ng Matagal ng panahon: “Ang mga Kutsara at Tinidor” na nasa drawer n’ya sa May Tatak ng Manila Peninsula. Lols”

Henry Gerard Z. Reynes remarks: “The actions of a coward.”

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