Find out what Leni Robredo may have missed says this netizen after the VP declined President Duterte’s dare!

It’s water under the bridge now!

In a Facebook post published on 29 October 2019, netizen Jonas Marti Rubi remarked that Leni Robredo may have missed a rare opportunity to embarrass President Duterte and the administration for not taking President Duterte’s challenge.

Rubi said President Duterte daring Robredo to take the lead in the administration’s anti-narcotics campaign was a calculated mistake.

And we already know Robredo’s response, right?

Rubi fell short of calling Robredo an idiot for passing up the opportunity because doing so is tantamount to insulting idiots.

Rubi remarked that Robredo will never be President for failing to make a decision which he described as easy to make.

He went on to cite 5 reasons why he thinks Robredo made the mistake of refusing to accept the challenge.

You may read the article below and Jonas Marti Rubi will do the explaining to you.

I’m not gonna call Leni Robredo an idiot.

It would be an insult to idiots.

I seriously believe that PRRD made a mistake in challenging Leni Robredo to take over the drug war. It turned out to be a calculated mistake.

There was only one conceivable response to Duterte’s challenge:

“I wholeheartedly accept your challenge. Step aside and I’ll solve what you couldn’t.”

In one statement, you would have embarrassed the administration. Here’s why:

1. PRRD would have never gone through with it.

2. You would have cemented yourself as THE woman who stood up against Duterte.

3. You would have roused your base. You know, the 8 million who voted for you.

4. You would have rallied the moderates and the fence-sitters to your side.

5. You would have scored brownie points for your eventual 2022 run– because we all know everything you do is geared for 2022, amirite?

With the easiest decision to make, you failed.

Newsflash VP Honey Boo Boo: You’ll never be President.

Unless your new hubby is willing to take a bolet, este, a bullet.

PS, apologies to Honey Boo Boo of course.

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