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Sixteen million voters entrusted their votes to Duterte in the 2016 election because of one reason – he promised to stem the rising tide of criminality.

Meanwhile, many thinking voters like netizen Lorraine Marie Badoy saw something in Mayor Duterte that some of us did not see in him.

I must admit, I am one of the many Filipinos who wants to see Duterte win because we are so desperate for the vicious criminals and the drug lords to have someone like Duterte who could put an end to their evil reign.

In a Facebook post, she articulated her reasons why she voted for Duterte which I agree now as I get to know more of President Duterte in the last 58 days into his term.

Check out her full post below.

You know what I like about this President? He means business.

Here he is declaring ALL government positions vacant (except career positions). Why? He still hears about corruption in office. And he makes special mention of some offices. In this clip he asks the LTFRB head to report to him personally. Haha..ibang klase ka talaga, Digongmylabs.

It’s like when my kids were small and they would try to make lusot and I didn’t let them. Not even by an inch. (“Really? You want to lie? You choose to go down that path with me? I’m up to it if you are.” :D) So now they know not to even try.

One thing’s clear about this President: he is serious about changing the course of this country. And he ACTS. He’s not great with words but he gets things done. Important things even.

Ok, I’m fangirling. The haters gonna hate me so bad. 😀

Ask me, come on please, ask me if I care. Haha..

Grateful for this dude. I have not lost my ability criticize. Anyone who knows me will tell you part of my DNA is to be atribida. I couldn’t change that part of me if I tried.

But neither have I lost my ability to be grateful and to give credit where credit is due.

Thank you, Mr. President, for all that you do and endeavor mightily to do for our country.

This chick is grateful you are the most powerful man in the country right now because your heart is in the right place– squarely with the people you have sworn to serve and protect.

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Source: Lorraine Marie Badoy

Note: You may watch the video Ms. Badoy is referring in the post by clicking link here.

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