Find out why Atty. Bruce Rivera made this remark after reading an Inquirer article: BOHOL IS BEING KILLED BY INQUIRER

Had the Abu Sayyafs succeeded in carrying out its plan of kidnapping foreign nationals in Bohol, it would have been a big blow to its tourism industry.

The local and national officials heaved a huge sigh of relief after the police and the government soldiers thwarted the bandits evil plan by killing six of its members including the groups leader, Abu Rami before it could wreaked havoc in Bohol’s famous resorts and tourist spots.

However, Bohol’s troubles is not yet over or so it seems after the Philippine Daily Inquirer published a damaging article that could create damaging repercussions to the local tourism industry by discouraging foreigners to visit the island province famous the world over for its beautiful beaches and the awesome dive sites. To understand the point I was trying to drive home, please check the image below.

Confused? Let us read Atty. Bruce Rivera’s Facebook post in response to the PDI’s post to understand the brouhaha created by the innocent-looking post, unless you give PDI’s headline a second look.


What a way to kill tourism in Bohol. Post a news about cops being attacked by armed men in a Bohol resort. The reality is, the attack happened 100kms away from the real tourist spots of Bohol. And these tourist resorts are always heavily guarded hence, the reason why these men resorted to less guarded places where it is easier to dock and attack.
I do not know if this is irresponsible or deliberate but this is not journalism. This is garbage.

An hour after Atty. Rivera published the post on Facebook, it has gathered 262 shares, 1,140 reactions and 172 comments and counting.

An angry Sonny Dee wrote: “They’re doing this kind of irresponsible journalism to destroy the country and the President… Para ipakita sa ibang bansa kung gaano daw ka delikado ang Pilipinas…👊🏼🇵🇭❤”

Lippo Lippa commented: “it’s killing the economy there which compromise the lives of many boholanons….why can’t we hold rally condemning this biased media garbage….”

Your thoughts, please!

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