Find out why President Duterte said these words to Rappler reporter: Then, you are not a Filipino!

This is not the first time that President Duterte engaged Pia Rañada of Rappler in a verbal chess match and once again, she emerged red-faced.

In the video, Duterte assumed the role of a reporter momentarily by asking Pia Rañada her opinion of ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

To refresh your memory, ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been the “apple of the eyes” of Duterte whom he threatened with sanctions for churning out lies and fake news to undermine his mass base support and portray him in the international community as a mass murderer.

Moving forward, Pia refused to make a comment on ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer by citing conflict of interest when answering the president’s question.

However, Duterte pressed on and asked Pia to give her opinion as a Filipino.

Pia stood her ground by refusing to detach herself from the reporter’s persona, a ploy to sidestep the President’s question.

Piqued by Pia’s logic, Duterte can be heard telling Pia that she is not a Filipino because she does not know her rights and responsibilities as a Filipino.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 1,070 shares, 114,396 views and 3,288 reactions.

Let us read the comments of the netizens to gauge how they react to the video.

Nene Manguiob remarked: Si SPO4 Granada! She refused to answer the President’s question simply because she didn’t know how to answer the question… Di nga ba hindi niya alam ang meaning ng SPO4, when she was once asked by the president…That question needed an intellectual answer kaya di niya masagot..”

Ramil ST said: He is asking you as a Filipino citizen and as a taxpayer.
Ano ang opinion mo sa mga corporate evaders ng bayan.
Hindi naman yata complicated yun Pia.
You’re making yourself like an idiot.

But hey, malaki naman ang pera galing sa non-filipino financers outside of the Philippines to build propaganda and damage the image of Duterte’s administration.
It is quite obvious, Pia and the crappLER has no interest of reporting the truth.
CrappLER is bought and paid by the people behind the destabilization of Duterte’s administration.
It is obvious, maliwanag pa sa araw.”

Rubey Polvorosa commented:Bali ra way respito na reporters dapat dili na e entertain pa ning bayhana! Shes making her self kawawa because shes a liar!”

You may watch the video below.

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