Fire the photog — Former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao on viral photo of Senator Manny Pacquiao eating with bare hand

A photo of Senator Manny Pacquiao eating with his hands has been making the rounds online and getting its fair share of criticism from critics as well as a few but sensible defender.

Former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao took to Facebook to share the said photo accompanied by a caption worthy of Senator Pacquiao’s attention and read: Sayang gold kubyertos a. fire the photog.

BTW, the photo was uploaded by Korina Sanchez Roxas on IG and desrcribed it: Ang sabi ni Sen. Manny Pacquiao: basta. Mas masarap kumain nang naka kamay. PS: Naubos ang dalawang takal ng kanin and fish. Naiwan ang chicken. FYI. 😆💚🤪

Netizens who are Tiglao’s FB followers were equally merciless, if not worse, in criticizing the photo.

No originality commented first commenter.

Walang originality. At least yung photo ni PRRD sa ordinaryong bahay talaga nila. Eto pa gold dols kubyertos pa. Parang nang asar pa ng mahihirap😂

Another wrote:

Signature shirt- check!
Champagne glass for drinking water- Check
Golden utensils- Check!
Purified bottled water- Check!
Watson’s wet wipes- Check!
Nagkamay na kulang na lang ingudngod ang mga daliri sa ngala-ngala!- Check!

Sir Bobi Tiglao! The wine glass! The plating and garnishing! The wet wipes! Everything is just so fake! That plate might even be Hermès for all we know, said another.

This netizen isn’t surprised why politicians like Manny would project the image they are pro-poor.

Every politician wants to project they are always pro poor. But in photographs only most of the time they get rich due to politics and forget the poor…but we still vote for them…

Meanwhile, this lady was ranting other than Senator Pacquiao eating with bare hand.

I’m mad if that’s how they drink water at home. Grabeng pollution if every time iinom magtatapon sila ng plastic bottles. Pwedeng maging mayaman nang hindi ka masyadong tanga Manny.

Pero kapag si Digong ang kumakain ng nakakamay, okay lang? Obvious kayo masyado, a supporter of Senator Pacquiao asked.

In another FB post, a known Duterte supporter using the handle Mike Waldorf appealed to fellow netizens to cut the senator some slack because according to him, it is a very petty issue.

Uh please! Manny eating using his hand with a spoon and fork beside is not even an issue. I may not agree with whatever plans he has for his ambition to run for the presidency but I don’t see his eating style even as an issue to begin with. Hypocrisy? What hypocrisy are we talking or yakking about? We know the senator’s rise from rags to riches. That’s just his natural self and there is nothing disrespectful about him using his hands to eat. Cant we just leave him alone when it comes to this? It is a very petty issue, yah know?


Source: Bobi Tiglao

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