Fiscal’s silly suggestion to Duterte: Lift Martial Law tomorrow, then issue new declaration the following day to the consternation of critics

Yesterday, a La Salle professor offered his unsolicited advice to Pres. Duterte  to cancel Martial Law declaration but issue another proclamation immediately to make current SC proceedings moot.

Today, a government prosecutor and a popular social media blogger express the same sentiment with La Salle professor Antonio Contreras on Facebook. But guess why?

Atty. Darwin Cañete wants to taunt the anti-Martial Law proponents especially the Liberal party politicians who are moving heaven and earth to strike down Pres. Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

Read the post below.

Dear SolGen Calida…please inform our president that there is No limit to the number of times he can declare Martial Law. He should lift it tomorrow on the grounds of reviewing it and then issue a new declaration the following day. Rendering the initial SC petition filed by Lagman et. al. moot. 😂😂.

Pang-asar lang.

Let us check the comments on the thread to see how the netizens react.

Nerissa Arias Donato  agrees with Fiscal Darwin.  “Yes! We would like to see these yellows froth in the mouth when the president does this…”

Zenaida Cacay remarked: I love the idea … pang asar Lang ba😜”

Saturnino Exconde  wrote: “Idol ka talaga Fiscal hehehe…👊👊👊”

Netizen Glenda Ozawa is getting greedy and wants ML declared in entire country.  “Sana gawin na lang nationwide para manahimik yang mga animal na mga asong ulol!!!”

Diana Villanueva likes ML imposed until the end of Duterte’s term. Yes, please extend the Martial Law till the end of his term or even after! Kasi he will continue to be our president hanggang maubos ang dilawang makunat ang mga pagmumukha tulad ni Lagman, bugok ang eggcell ay edcel pala. Nababaliw na lahat ng mga kakulay-kapwa kurakot ni tandang edcel. 🙂.”

Maria Socorro Takasa is all ears.  “Hanggang mapagod and mga tangang petitioners do it over and over again Mr President.”
Your thoughts?

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