Follow humble leaders says Cardinal Tagle, Duterte supporter replies, “Yes we will, will always follow a humble leader like Duterte!”

The sarcastic reply of a Duterte supporter to Cardinal Tagle’s Palm Sunday call to Filipino voters to follow humble leaders has been quite a hit among fellow Duterte supporters.

Noel Landero Sarifa thanked Cardinal Tagle for the timely reminder and assured Tagle the DDS will always follow humble leaders and never vote for hypocrites.

According to Sarifa, humble leaders are those who prefers to ride a commercial flight than a VIP, celebrate a non lavish birthday party etc..

Can you guess the leader Sarifa has alluded to in the FB post?

You may read the full text of Sarifa’s FB post below.

Archbishop Cardinal Tagle urged Filipinos to follow humble leaders.

Thank you Father for reminding us. Yes we will and will always follow a humble leader:

Who Prefers to ride a commercial flight than a VIP.
Who Prefers to celebrate a non lavish birthday party.
Who never fails to visit the Wake and Victims of terrorism and calamity.
Who prefers sardines as his cabinet meeting meals than steak.
Who never fails to visit the wake of his fallen soldiers.
Who prefers not to be credited in the return of Balangiga Bells.
Who prefers not to be credited in successfully rehabilitating Boracay.
Who prefers to sleep in his home with his mosquito net than spend lavish time in a Hotel or in Malacanang Palace.
Who prefers to eat in a Carenderia than a lavish restaurant.
Who prefers to spend time with children stricken with cancer than celebrate Christmas with oligarchs.
Who still under go security check and withdraw VIP treatment.
Who prefers to give the lands to our farmers than have it leased by the rich.
Who never refused to take selfies with us, not until PSG stops us.
Who prefers diplomatic ties and accept our weakness than to be arrogant and go to war with China.
Who is already a President but never failed to fight for the people against the Oligarch who oppress us.

Yes, Father we will. And we will never vote hypocrites.

Noel Landero Sarifa

Check out some of the photos of the humble leader Sarifa referred in the FB post.

Photo grabbed from Sarifa’s FB post.

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