For doing the unthinkable, this Spaniard earns respect and praise of Pinoys, foreigners. Read why!

A Spaniard visited the Philippines lately offering spiritual healing to sick Pinoys but instead, he went home undergoing a spiritual healing on his own.

Johnny Barnreuther, a Spanish faith healer, arrived in the Philippines without any knowledge of Spain’s colonizing past.

Shocked by what he learned, the Spaniards took it upon himself to do something that has never been done before by an ordinary citizen – ask public apology on behalf of Spain to Filipinos.

The symbolic act was done in the presence of Filipino community leaders, where else but in Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit Cavite, the place where Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence in 1898.

Credits to Valory Immel

Credits to Valory Immel

Here’s the full text of Johnny Barnreuther post below.

“NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD MAKE HISTORY LIKE THIS! I found out that the Spaniards conquered and ruled the Philippines for over 330 years. We stole, abused and murdered. Countries like Japan and the U.S. have sent their leaders to the Philippines in the past to ask for forgiveness for what they have done to this country, but Spain has never sent an official leader to repented. So I got some of the leaders of the region together in the exact location where they became an independent nation over 100 years ago. So, as a Spaniard I asked for forgiveness for what we as a people have done to them in this historical place!!! HEALING OF THE NATIONS!!! // NUNCA PENSE EN HACER HISTORIA ASI! Me entere que los Españoles conquistamos y reinamos en las Filipinas por mas de 330 años. Robamos, abusamos y asesinamos. Países como Japón y E.E.U.U. mandaron a sus líderes para pedir perdón por lo que ellos hicieron a este precioso país, pero España nunca mandó a un líder para pedir perdón. Así que reuní a algunos líderes regionales en el mismo punto donde las filipinas se independizaron de España hace mas de 100 años. Entonces pedí perdón como Español por lo que nuestro país hizo a las Filipinas enfrente de la primera casa blanca!!! SANIDAD DE LAS NACIONES!!!”

His act has been drawing praises on social media, from Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Cindy Butow wrote: “Seriously! I just got major chills! Right on brother! The native nations are next!!! They need you to represent the voice of Spain and the voice of Jesus to undo the voices of suffering and unforgiveness!”

Stephen Hope Barruel said: “Thank you for loving my country and its people! My mom has Spanish blood so Spain is a part of my inheritance. ❤️”

Roy Salud remarked: “Thank you Johnny. We really appreciate the gesture you did. You declared the voice of the people be given back to a place that is known as the mouth of the Philippines, how cool is that.”

Alan Aquino said: “One man interceded for his nation’s atrocities… have my utmost respect, fine sir!”

Cris Lanie Delos Reyes commented: “Forgiven! We are all forgiven and loved by God bro.
Filipina here! 👐👐”

Rommel Agustin wrote: “Identificational repentance! I forgive Spain! Let revival and transformation follow! Hallelujah!”

As of this writing, the post has gathered 4,330 shares, 15,450 reactions and 69 comments.

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