Comelec whistleblower speaks up how Leni Robredo stole votes from Bongbong Marcos

For the past few months, election reform advocate and lawyer Glenn Chong has provided the public with very detailed explanation how Marcos was cheated by Comelec and Smartmatic.

However as early as 2016, a Comelec whistleblower spoke how she and 17 other newly-hired Comelec employees were given a special task to specifically cheat Marcos in the 2016 VP election in favor of Robredo.

Unfortunately, the expose of “Mabel” (not her real name) which was made possible by Ask Philippines reporter Julia Braganza, did not get to reach to its intended audience, the public, because mainstream media ignored it.

But thanks to social media, Mabel’s exposé has attracted the attention of some influential social media bloggers like Adolfo Mortera, giving it expose it richly deserves.

So without further adieu, you may start reading the Comelec whistleblower’s revelation below.

via Louise Gabriel

“A Commission on Elections (COMELEC) employee who calls herself a whistle-blower, explained in detail on how Leni Robredo stole the show from Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

The 30-minute interview by Ask Philippines reporter Julia Braganza with “Mabel” (not her real name), revealed how the Aquino Administration allegedly planned the cheating months before the Election Day.

“When Mrs. Robredo filed her Certificate of Candidacy last October, the sitting government started the plan. At first, the target was to make Roxas and Robredo win, but as the Election Day closes, and Mayor Duterte gaining large lead in surveys, they decided to go only on Robredo”, Mabel said.

Mabel said, she and 17 other newly-hired COMELEC employees were assigned in a special office in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. According to her, they were tasked to balance all possible votes, doing provincial surveys on VP bets, and balancing votes all over the country.

“We have accurate computation on votes. If Marcos led on a certain province, we can provide exact data on how many votes Robredo should get in order to beat Marcos in the next province. Robredo’s winning was carefully planned for more than four months”, she added.

Her biggest revelation was possibly on the Certificate of Canvas.

Mabel said there are at least 17 fake COCs tabulated by the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC). Allegedly, those COCs were already prepared by her office a week before the elections. Signatures of officials on the said COCs were fake and copied from their original specimen signatures. She said she can only remember the provinces of Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, and Bicol Region having fake COC’s, where Robredo won by a large margin. She also added that she doubt NBOC members are aware of the fake COCs.

“Two days after the elections, we received 12 ballot boxes, and our team replaced the content overnight, then the boxes were delivered to NBOC. The content was replaced by the already prepared COCs during transition”, Mabel said.

“All content of COCs were the same with the original COCs filled-up by the Provincial Board of Canvassers. The signatures, the control numbers, etc. The only different is the number of votes. I remember shredding five original COC’s”, she said.

She also added it will be difficult for Marcos to prove his cheating allegations because the plan was executed perfectly and there is no evidence that can prove the cheating, unless at least five of her co-employees testify before the congress.

“I think Marcos could have won by more than 3 million votes if the election result was not manipulated”, Mabel said.

She also added that the camp of Sen. Marcos already contacted her, including 3 of her co-employees.

“The latest survey released by Pulse Asia and SWS days before the Election Day, where Robredo overtook Marcos was rigged as well. The purpose is to condition the mind of the voters. The cheating was not done electronically, but by hard copy of COCs”, Mabel said. /Joy Valte – Quezon City/

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