For trying hard to gain public sympathy, ABS-CBN reporter unknowingly posted evidence harmful to his network

You can’t blame this ABS-CBN reporter for trying to help the cause of his employer and secure a new franchise.

But in doing so, he posted the evidence on Twitter that may prove harmful instead of being helpful to his employer.

Who knows he may lose his job for simply trying to help?

According to radio host Mark Lopez, the ABS-CBN reporter was none other than Jeff Canoy, who deleted his tweet after realizing he was sharing the damning evidence that the Kapamilya Network not AMCARA Network is in control of TVPlus broadcast.

In a Facebook post with the title ‘KILL THE SWITCH’, Lopez explained to his readers how Canoy f*cked up not just his employer but his job tenure with the Kapamilya as well.

You may read the full FB post below of Mark Lopez.

Below is the screenshot of the tweet posted by ABS CBN reporter Jeff Canoy, which he eventually deleted.

In trying to evoke sympathy from the people, and play out the narrative that ABS CBN is a victim, Mr Jeff Canoy tried so hard to humanize their supposed suffering and indignity, even adopting emotional phrases like “KILL our transmission” and “KILL the TVPlus signal tonight…”

But there is ONE BIG PROBLEM that Jeff Canoy unknowingly exposed – The TVPlus signal is supposed to be handled by AMCARA Network, not ABS CBN, under a supposed Blocktime arrangement.

This dramatic tweet of Jeff Canoy is DAMNING EVIDENCE that it is ABS CBN, and not AMCARA, which is in control of the TVPlus broadcast.

The tweet is clear proof that ABS CBN has been wantonly violating the terms of its franchise.

There is also a potential problem even with the Engineer who Jeff Canoy mentioned here. It is said that Engr. Romeo Tandoc, who Jeff said has been taking care of the broadacst signals of ABS CBN for the past 16 years, is allegedly listed as an employee and under the payroll of AMCARA, and not ABS CBN.

If I were Reps Marcoleta, Remulla, Defensor or Barzaga, I would want to summon Engr. Tandoc to testify this Monday at the resumption of the ABS CBN franchise hearing He should also bring with him his employment records.

Interesting developments, right peeps?

Perhaps fate is really sending a message to ABS CBN.

You can no longer fool us.

Your time is up.

(screenshot courtesy of the The Political Labandera 2.0)

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Source: Mark Lopez

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