Foreign journalist defends Duterte admin from Maria Ressa’s ‘reporting in PH far worse than any w*r zone’ statement, calls it ‘unadulterated #bullshit!’

This is unadulterated #bullshit!

This is how Aussie journalist Ted McDonnell described Rappler Maria Ressa’s claim that the Philippines is far worse than any war zone she had been in as a reporter.

McDonnell tweeted that he has worked in the PH for the last 5 years as a journalist/documentarian and said that it’s safer than many places in the USA.

McDonnell wondered whether the 60 Minutes TV host asked Maria Ressa why she accepts money by CIA funded NED?

McDonnell dismissed Maria Ressa’s “facts” as false and ended the tweet with an intriguing question: “What war zones has she been in?”

Pinoy netizens weren’t pleased with Maria Ressa said about the Philippines to the world and they did not mince their words in their comments.

Rose Gem commented Maria Ressa is getting worse. She is suffering from delusions of persecution and grandeur.

Malala na si Ressa. She’s got both– delusions of persecution and delusions of grandeur.🙄🙄😡

Netizen Dante Organo remarked that Maria Ressa must have been referrin to her heart.

She mean warzone in her inner heart 🤣 very chaotic 🤣🤣🤣

Netizen Bachelors Nickilo said Maria Ressa latest salvo against the Duterte admin is survival instinct kicking in.

With all the criminal cases she’s into, she is fighting to survive

Netizen Romel Campos called on the government to do something about this because the OFW fears all their hard work to project a good image for the country is going down the drain.

Can Our government do something about it! we OFW ‘s worked hard and follow the laws of our host countries did/ do kindness in any circumstances of the citizens in our host local communities and we earn respects from the local workers and we spread greatness of our country and people! This ugly ducklings Ressa who greed for money, fame and selfish son of the bitch is/was spreading lies about our country! Mahiya ka naman!

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