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Foreign journalist shows link of ISIS to Maute group, sticking up to Jim Paredes face he’s wrong dismissing ISIS in Marawi attack

Mike Cohen shows link of ISIS to Maute group

Mike Cohen shows link of ISIS to Maute group

When Duterte told Putin that ISIS militants has been responsible of the Marawi attack, several critics raised their eyebrows in disbelief.

On Twitter, Jim Paredes could not hide his disagreement with Duterte’s claim that ISIS was responsible for the Marawi attack since there has been no official statement from ISIS owning up the Marawi attack.

ISIS always claims responsibility when they are behind terrorists acts. So far, none. Let’s see.

However, Mike Cohen, a NY-based journalist is leaning towards the Duterte’s claim the Marawi attack is connected with ISIS.

While there has been some doubts on ISIS ties to events in Mindanao or the Philippines, this news paper printed in Raqqa in Syria capital of Daesh aka ISIS shows the group is claiming the fighting in Marawi as “it’s offensive ” per a website that monitors it’s communications and news releases the report says – “Islamic State’s Al Naba Weekly newspaper Highlighting Its Assault On Marawi City, ” the photos are not found online and seem to have been sent by those of Maute or ASG in early part of fighting.

Credits to Mike K. Cohen

This confirms the extremist group at least on paper is claiming its ties to events in Mindanao.

AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Año told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that he agreed with President Duterte that the local militants are connected with ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq).

The admission of AFP that ISIS has finally arrived in Southern Philippines is a 360 degrees turnaround when the local media first alerted the public and the military about the existence of the terror group.

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