Foreign policy expert exposes why Vera Files refuses to fact-check Leni Robredo and Risa Hontiveros re South China sea dispute

Foreign policy expert Sass Rogando Sasot slams fact-checker Vera Files on Facebook for turning a blind eye at Robredo and Hontiveros, whom she accused of peddling fake news on South China Sea dispute.

Sasot lamented that rather than turning their eyes on Robredo and Hontiveros, Vera Files fact-check her statement on Facebook that China has been a nuclear power since the 1950’s.

According to Sasot, “Vera Files countered it by saying that China started “exploring” nukes in the 50’s but successfully tested in the 60’s.”

“O diba, ‘exploring’ lang ang ginamit,” Sasot protested.

Sasot remarked Vera Files failed in debunking her statement on China being a nuclear power in the 50’s and seemed amused by Vera Files tactic of playing with words rather than presenting proof to support their argument.

“China started DEVELOPING in the 50s. Pero bakit kaya EXPLORING ang ginamit ng Vera Files na word?

Pero wait a minute, bakit iyong sinabi ko ang mas binigyan ng issue ng Vera Files? How is it consequential if China, according to the standard of successful detonation = mark of being a nuclear power, eh 1960s naging nuclear power and not 1950s? Would it change the FACT that we were within the striking distance of China’s nukes long before Risa Hontiveros threw tantrums about it?”

However, Sasot would rather want Vera Files to focus on the more important issue, which are the statements made by public officials like Robredo and Hontiveros re: South China Sea dispute.

Bakit hindi i-fact check ng Vera Files ANG MAS CONSEQUENTIAL na statement of facts na ito ng mga PUBLIC OFFICIALS?

1. Hontiveros: China threatened PH with nuclear war.

—> I mean seriously? Unlike the United States, China has a no-first strike nuclear policy. So in light of that policy, how is China threatening us, a non-nuclear power, with a nuclear war when it has a CONSISTENT no first use policy?

2. Robredo: “The conduct of China‚Äôs landing and takeoff exercises in the West Philippine Sea using their long-range bombers is alarming.”

China did those exercises in WOODY ISLAND. Woody Island is NOT in West Philippine Sea, which properly refers to the waters around Scarborough Shoal, Luzon Sea, and the waters around the different features included in the Kalayaan Group of Island.

But do you know why Vera Files refuses to fact-check Robredo and Hontiveros?

Sasot alleged that Vera Files won’t touch Hontiveros and Robredo because they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds their mouth.

“Yet Vera Files didn’t care to FACT CHECK these two stupid politicians because? I know why.

Vera Files is FUNDED by the National Endowment for Democracy, which in turn gets funded by the US Government. Why would Vera Files discredit the barking bitches of Uncle Sam?”

Your thoughts?

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