Foreigner rescued at sea; some netizens say he is the kidnapped Italian. Isn’t he?

This video is a proof that every minute, a miracle happened without us knowing. Good thing! We have now the social media where people can share their video like this so that many people can witness God’s miracle.

This video was posted by the netizen yesterday and it appears he is our hero in the story.

According to the accounts of the video owner, he was on board a fast motorized boat named ‘Jaylan’ bound for Dumaguete City. It was not stated though the port of origin of the passenger boat.

He said, it was around 4 PM when the boat left the port of origin. By 5 PM, he could already see the city of Dumaguete from a distance. When he looked at the window on his left side (star board side) he saw something like a driftwood at sea.

Not sure about what he just saw, the netizen went out of the boat to ascertain the intriguing figure at sea. After 2 minutes or so, the driftwood waved his hands. The driftwood turned out to be a human being stranded at sea.

Without wasting any seconds, he alerted the boat personnel so that a rescue operation can be carried out immediately.

The stranded man turned out to be a foreigner. When he was asked how did he end up at sea, his reply was, “I don’t know. I have no idea!”

Some netizens pointed that the foreigner has a striking resemblance with the kidnapped Italian businessman Rolando del Torchio.


Do the two gentlemen bears a striking resemblance?

You watch the video now.

Ganihang hapon misakay ako sa Jaylan – Fast Motorized Boat sa oras 4:oop.m. ang byahe padulong sa Dumaguete City . Sa naaninag ko na ang dakbayan sa Dumaguete City , sa oras 5:00 kapin o kulang sa dihang melili ako sa may bintana sa walang bahin nakita ko sa layo ang kahoy nga gatindog daw sama sa buya sa panagat,apan nagduda ako sa akong nakita ug nigawas ako sa motorized boat aron sapagtino sa akong nakita.Sa nilabay ang duha ka minuto ang kahoy nga gatindog miwarawara kini ug akong nasulta nga tawo nga naglangoy nga nangayo ug panabang ug diha diha dayon ang atop sa maong motorized boat akong gepikpik aron pag alarma ug pagpahibalo sa mga trapolante . SALAMAT SA GINOOMarvin dacula…Crdit: Don Marvin

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