Former ABS-CBN employee speaks up, defends Duterte from detractors

Another Dabawenya has had enough of the mudslinging against Duterte and want to say her piece. She believed she knew where she speaks of, being a long time neighbor of the Mayor of Davao City. On top of that, she is a former Production Officer of ABS-CBN and correspondent of Bantay Bata Foundation.

former ABS-CBN employee defends Duterte

former ABS-CBN employee defends Duterte

It can be recalled that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte went under fire from critics and supporters from the rival camps after he cursed the Pope while telling an anecdote in the middle of his acceptance speech as the Presidential bet of the PDP-Laban.

Realizing the magnitude of his faux pas, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte quickly owned up his mistake. He clarified in front of the TV camera that he did not direct his cursing towards Pope Francis but, rather towards the government that mishandled traffic management considering the visitor was no less than the Pope.

Going back to the Dabawenya who wants to say something about not just her Mayor but also a long-time neighbor in Bangkal. Please read her anecdote in full:

After reading negative and positive posts about this man, I also felt the need to share my piece:

I was born in the year 1978 in Davao City and lived just meters away from his home in Bangkal. As a kid, I would hear stories about his generosity, but it was not until I was already around 28 years old that I had personally witnessed how genuine this man really is.

I had the privilege to work as a Production Officer for ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. and a correspondent for Bantay Bata 163 Davao. My partner, Simeon Jr Celi, and I would produce a material that usually featured an ailing child either needed an immediate operation or an expensive medical treatment. Through local TV Patrol Davao in the afternoon, the said feature stories were aired for broadcast.

The material would run a maximum of 2 minutes pero P@#$&@% I#&! wala pa nahuman ang airing, our office would receive a call. “Si Mayor na daw mag-shoulder sa expense sa medication sa bata. (The material would run a maximum of 2 minutes, but P@#$&@% I#&! even before the airing of the episode is done, our office would receive a call and the call receiver would announce, “Mayor will shoulder the expenses and medication for the child.”)

Walay broadcast, walay pa-picture, purong tabang lang alang sa gakinahanglan. Mind you, dili nako maihap pila ka bata iyang natabangan ug dili requirement nga botante ang mga ginikanan sa bata. Wala siyay labot maskin taga Tagum, Mati, GenSan or Cotabato, basta nakatabang siya. (No broadcast, no photo-ops, but all he does is help the needy.

Mind you, I can’t count the sick children that he has had helped. Whether the sick child’s parents are registered voters or not, is a non-issue. He does not care if you are not from Davao City or from Tagum, Mati, GenSan or Cotabato. He is happy to help people.)

My respect and my vote goes to my Mayor, to Mayor Digong!
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