Former ABS-CBN News manager gives Leni Robredo the lowdown or hard facts re w@r on illegal dr^gs, the kind of enemy she will be dealing with

Facebook netizen using the handle “Winona Cueva” greeted VP Leni Robredo with the lowdown or shall we say, the rude welcome just barely 24 hours after accepting the anti-drug czar post in the Duterte admin.

Cueva opened the FB post by calling Locsin’s commentary on the dr^g war that we haven’t k!ll*d enough regardless if he was serious or not as most honest, candid and pragmatic she ever heard.

Whether Teddy Boy was kidding or serious when he said, “Maybe we haven’t killed enough,” that was the most honest, candid, and pragmatic statement I have ever heard said of the drug war.

Cueva remarked that casualties, like in any war, is a reality whether accidental or intentional because you don’t have control of all the variables except on the side of the law enforcers. The dr^g-weapons-terrorism trade she added, is the most lucrative trade anywhere in the world, conducted among and within nations. Dr^g money she said even laundered in the stock market and even in the banking industry. That is why the illegal drug traders would do anything to protect their lucrative business, even k!ll.

No war against illegal drugs can be mounted without deaths, accidental or intentional, the main reason being that you can only control one side of the gunfire, the one coming from the law enforcement side. What you do not have control over is the more ominously deadly fire from the other side, from within the cartel itself. The drugs-weapons-terrorism trade, after all, is the most lucrative trade ever conducted among and within nations, which money has even seeped into the stock market and banking industry. Why wouldn’t the operators kill to protect it?

Cueva wondered whether this aspect (k!ll) has been overlooked or what but the truth she asserted is that the drug cartel will not hesitate to eliminate any of the people working for them down the line the moment they sense their security is going to be compromised.

I don’t know if this aspect has been inadvertently omitted, or just simply not understood enough, that the cartel will swiftly eradicate any drug personality down the line the moment their activities have been COMPROMISED, their identities REVEALED, and the rings’ operations EXPOSED to a possible bust by the authorities.

Cueva asked netizens if it ever crossed their minds why President Duterte announces a narco list every now and then?

Cueva said President Duterte is simply exploiting this weakness of the dr^g cartel of ordering the elimination of the people down their line for their own security. Cueva said this explains the incidence of EJKs. She said to tweak the dr^g war into a casualty-free one is pure stupidity.

Have you ever thought why DU30 announces a narco list now and then? Just the whim of a lunatic, talkative leader, you think? No. It is a signal. It is like a smoke column lit up to tell the cartel that this or that member of theirs is up for a kill. Digong knows that the cartel will proceed to kill first, lest their operations are compromised. By announcing the very names of drug personalities, he signals the killing, without literally bloodying his hands in the process. That is the more insidious part of the EJK scenario that many may not see, or perhaps choose to ignore. To say, therefore, that one can “tweak” the drug war into a deathless one is pure naiveté, or just plain dumb.

Cueva joked that a casualty-free w@r against illegal drugs is possible if the government tells the law enforcers to hold their fire, implement rehab of addicts infinitely and allowing the dr^g cartel to do their business freely.

Oh, but yes, it is possible to avoid deaths in a war against illegal drugs. How easy can that be! You just have to instruct the authorities to hold their fire, continuously rehab the addicts, and then appease the drug cartel by letting them be, by allowing them to get entrenched in society and governance as the fifth estate. You might as well adopt the slogan, “WALA NANG PATAYAN, MAGMAHALAN,” and get the cartel to help promote it.

Cueva concluded that such attitude towards the dr^g cartel is the recipe how narco states are born.

Their operations intact and undisturbed, they would readily show gratitude by supporting socio-economic-political activities. Many countries have successfully and humanely “curbed” illegal drugs by talking tough against the havoc wrought by drugs, while avoiding deaths by allowing for a “peaceful” co-existence with the cartel. And that, my dears, is how narco states are born.

I would love to hear about innovative tweaking options outside of that jam.

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