Former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao compares ABS-CBN getting its new franchise to calculus. Yes,calculus. Read why!


This is the title of the latest FB post of former Ambassador and Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao.

“Follows I think is the reality of ABS-CBN getting its franchise,” Tiglao explained.

If you wondered what Tiglao meant, and had to Google it, well, don’t be hard on yourself because we were in the same boat.

Google says Calculus, originally called “the calculus of infinitesimals” is the mathematical study of continuous change. I had to Google “infinitesimals” to understand the meaning of it and Google says “infinitesimals” are things so small that there is no way to measure them; a value approaching zero. [Link here]

By now, we already get the gist of Tiglao’s title of his FB post. ABS-CBN has zero chance of getting a new franchise this year.

Because according to Tiglao, “very very few in Congress are willing to support the granting of the franchise for practical purposes.”

It boils down to money claimed Tiglao. The Congressmen aren’t getting grease money from the owners of the Kapamilya Network because it would be expensive, way too expensive to pay off all of them. Besides, they suspect that the Makabayan bloc – those campaigning for the franchise have made millions out of it. “They’re not getting anything from Lopezes anyway — way too expensive for this oligarch to pay off even just half of the reps. And they suspect that a few of their colleagues like the communist party-lists and Robredo’s reps — those campaigning for the franchise are — have received tens of millions from the oligarch. ‘Why should they help those who made money?'”

The reasoned being, Tiglao supposed because “none of the 300 congressmen can be singled out by ABS-CBN or its fans or the public for not granting the franchise. They’ll just keep quiet, and lie low.”

“On the part of Speaker Cayetano’s and House franchise committee Alvarez, they’ve “done their job” with the committee asking NTC to give ABS-CBN “provisional authority” while House deliberates on the franchise,” Tiglao explained.

Which brings us to Tiglao’s next question, “On what authority can the committee ask the NTC?” “Note: Out of 46 members of this committee, only four are with the opposition,” Tiglao added.

As far as the lower house is concerned, Tiglao believed ABS-CBN’s franchise bill is dead on the water because none of the Congressmen except those actively campaigning (Makabayan bloc) to avoid earning the ire of Malacanang. In other words, all the efforts of Poe and Sotto ( which Congressmen suspects made a lot of lobby money for their efforts) are going down the drain. “They won’t stick their necks out and raise Duterte’s ire. If House doesn’t move to pass a franchise bill, all the noise of senators like Poe and Sotto –whom the congressmen suspect are earning a lot from this issue — don’t matter at all.”

Tiglao remarked that “Congress adjourns March 14, and resumes May 3. Franchise expires May 4.”

Of course, all is not lost for ABS-CBN to get a new franchise according to Tiglao but quickly douse the hopes of ABS-CBN supporters in the same breath. “Only way for ABS-CBN to get a franchise is for Duterte to make a 360 degree turn and ask the House to expedite it. But in that situation, he’ll be suspected of shaking down ABS-CBN.”

Tiglao reinforced his argument that President Duterte isn’t changing his mind by posing a question with an obvious answer. “And do you think Duterte has demonstrated a character of buckling under pressure, and changing his mind?”

Tiglao said no matter what angle he tried to look at the ABS-CBN franchise bill brouhaha, all is lost for ABS-CBN from 2020 until 2022 because the man is too wise not to see what is coming should he blinks even for a second. “From another angle, if Lopezes manage to get their franchise, they may lie low in attacking Duterte, but do you think he’s not aware that come 2020, ABS-CBN will fiercely attack his candidate, and support Grace Poe for the presidency.”

“Don’t you think he doesn’t know that?” Tiglao asked.

Tiglao wondered what the creditors and suppliers do while ABS-CBN’s franchise is in limbo. “What do you think will ABS-CBN’s bank creditors and suppliers do in the meantime?”

Tiglao remarked that Lopezes making a pitch for the franchise now is way too late. “Way, way too late for Lopezes to campaign for their franchise.”

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