Former ambassador Bobi Tiglao tells VP Robredo to ask her security to block Fr. Robert Reyes from approaching her. Find out why!


Former Ambassador named Bobi Tiglao tells VP Leni Robredo to ban Robert Reyes from getting near her and even demand that Reyes refrain from wearing a Leni T-shirt?


According to Tiglao, Reyes brings bad luck or perhaps has some curse following him. In Pinoy parlance, “may balat sa pwet.”

Tiglao cited several instances to support his argument that Reyes has “balat sa pwet”.

Tiglao remarked that Reyes supported de Lima, Bautista and Sereno and the three tasted humiliating defeats.

Tiglao also dug up the causes that Reyes supported and lost such as the Marcos burial issue and Duterte’s anti-drug war.

Tiglao joked that the yellows should ask Reyes to instead support Duterte, perhaps his curse might rub on Duterte.

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Robredo should ask her security to block this Robert Reyes from approaching her and even demand that he doesn’t wear that Leni T-shirt.

He’s bad luck, or maybe has some curse. Filipino superstition calls such a loser “may balat sa pwet.”

He supported de Lima, who was thrown to jail; former COMELEC chairman Bautista, na nabuking ng asawa and who seems to have sought refuge with his gastroenterost brother in Oklahama; and recently Sereno who’s been kicked out and probabloy would be disbarred. (On the other hand, talo lahat ng causes niya, from the Marcos burial issue to Duterte’s anti drug war. Yellows should convince him to support Duterte na lang!)

Tiglao’s has Facebook post has amused netizens on Facebook, gathering 773 hearts, 121 shares and a couple of comments.

Netizen Arturo Edralin says: “Support Duterte, baka maghimala mag quit sya !!”

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