Former Ambassador jeers at retired COA Commissioner Heidi Mendoza’s choice of words like ‘respected’ & ‘dignified’ to describe COA

For scolding President Duterte over his statement that COA should be pushed down the stairs over prohibition on some government purchases, former COA commissioner Heidi Mendoza received a public scolding herself. [ABS-CBN]

As per Rappler article, Mendoza demanded from President Duterte via a Facebook post to give COA respect because they deserve it.

“We are a long-standing, dignified institution whose men and women spent long hours working for its flag and our people. Some of our own even laid their lives defending and protecting public coffers.”

Heidi Mendoza’s choice of words to describe COA like ‘dignified’ and ‘respected’ elicited a Facebook post from former Ambassador to Cyprus and Greece Bobi Tiglao.

Former Ambassador Tiglao brushed aside Mendoza’s statement that COA are composed of respectable men and women.

Tiglao accused Mendoza of turning COA into Pnoy Aquino’s deadly weapon.

Here’s what former Ambassador Tiglao wrote on Facebook.

Remember her? An Aquino appointee to the COA who had retired already, she falsely testified (portraying herself to be objective as she was with COA) that $28 milllion entered Corona’s dollar holdings. She devilishly counted a $100 deposit and a $100 withdrawal as $200. In reality, Corona had just $1 m. When she was ordered out of the witness stand, Ombudsman Morales simply read Heidi’s false report.

Aquino of course richly rewarded her by nominating her to that UN post.

Ang kapal nito na sasalita-salita pa ngayon, claiming COA is a respected institution. It was she who made COA Aquino’s deadly weapon.

President Duterte was actually commenting on COA circulars which the President said is useless until it becomes a law.

The President went further and asked if anyone from COA was listening in the audience, have him/her pushed down the stairs to prevent him/her from reporting.

“Sino taga COA dito? Ihulog muna sa hagdanan para hindi maka-report,” President Duterte remarked.

President Duterte was actually reacting to Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos who complained to him that COA made it hard for local governments to make cash advances, like purchasing building materials to help typhoon victims rebuild their homes and also limiting the amount of food they can buy to only P15,000.

“Maniwala ka niyang COA na ‘yan. You know, you just do it by circular and then they expect everybody to obey. Mga circular, pakialam ko?”

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