Former Asec of Duterte admin puts Pokwang’s spelling on the spotlight after comedian joked of returning Ella Cruz to the sea because it is rich with IODIN

Former DOTr Asec and currently writing for The Tribune, Goddes Hope Libiran took a swipe at Marietta Subong aka Pokwang in local showbiz, for poking fun at Ella Cruz who has been on the hot seat for comparing history to chismis.

In a social media post, Pokwang who played mother to Ella Cruz in a TV show ARYANA, if I was not mistaken, wrote that she accepted her “daughter’s” political views and respects the candidate she supported but when it comes to HISTORY, she does not agree with her this time. Because of her flawed interpretation of history, Pokwang joked she’d better return Ella to the sea because it is rich in IODIN, which is said it to be good for the brain and makes one intelligent.

Going back to Libiran’s response to Pokwang, the former Asec asked what IODIN Pokwang was talking about. As far as she is concerned, IODINE is the essential element for brain development.

And also, real intelligent person knows the difference between “History is LIKE chismis” and “History IS chismis”.

Libiran went on to give another example to drive home her point.

Libiran told Pokwang that this is called simile.

You may now read Goddes Hope Libiran’s origina FB post below.

Ano kaya ‘yung iodin? Alam ko IODINE ‘yung essential for brain development.

At ang alam ko rin, ang totoong matalino, alam ang pagkakaiba ng “History is LIKE chismis” sa “History IS chismis”.

In the same manner, when you say “Love is like a rosary”, it doesn’t mean that love is indeed a rosary.

Simile ang tawag dyan.

Here are some of the interesting comments from netizens below.

One netizen urged Ella to respect opinion. Compared to Kim Chiu, Ella made sense.

Respect Ela’s opinion! her freedom of speech!! kumpara mo naman sa jutak at mga pinagsasabi ni Kim Chiu may relevance and katotohanan ang kay Ela!

A second shared her observation on Kakampinks.

Kakampink hate corrections, sila lang po ang tama…may Tama sa utak!

A third was more blunt in pointing out the hypocrisy of the Kakampinks.

Really Pokwang!!!? Do you hear yourself? Why haven’t you all called out this certain Lourd before? You only called Ella out for cherry picking! Simply because her candidate is different from yours. Plus the fact that she’s part of Maid in Malacañang movie. Also, this Lourd has the same political preference as yours and that is why you don’t have the guts to call him out! The amount of hypocrisy is deafening! It’s quite disgusting. 🥴💩


Source: Goddes Hope Libiran

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