Former athlete & SEA Games coach appeals to PH media, critics: ‘We need your good vibes and positive energy, as athletes.’

Athletes are not robots devoid of feelings. Like ordinary mortals, they are affected by the bad vibes in the air.

It is not surprising if the negative news spewed by the local media will have an impact on their preparation, especially their mental preparation and mental is just as crucial element to produce winners and podium finishers.  

As the host country, the PH athletes are excited to play in front of family, friends and the entire nation.

Of course, they are eager to put up a good performance and claim glory for themselves and for country that is why they trained so hard, made a lot of sacrifices like missing family celebrations for months and even for years just for the SEA Games in the home soil.

This is the sentiment of PH Karate coach and former athlete Chino Veguillas who wrote an open letter on Facebook to appeal to the local media and the critics to stop spreading negative vibes for the sake of the PH athletes because it will affect and beginning to affect them mentally.

Otherwise, all their preparations that took them years just for the PH SEA Games will go to waste just because the local media were so focused in embarrassing the administration before the international community and forgot that in doing so, they also destroyed the chances of our athletes to win a medal not just for themselves, for family and country.

You may read Chino Veguillas full FB post below.

As a former SEA Games athlete and a current SEA Games coach, I’d just like to put this out there.

There are many things in the media being reported about the games. I don’t need to enumerate. Could things have been handled better? Yes. Definitely. Is the Philippines the first ever host nation to make such mistakes? I assure you that is not the case. As an athlete myself, I’ve experienced organizer mishaps in the past.

I am in no way defending or justifying what has happened, but we can not let all these issues take away from the fact that we have thousands of participants- who have trained hard for months on end to come to these games and represent our country. Included in their training is getting in the right frame of mind. While I know the things in the media are frustrating, spreading the negative energy will affect or is beginning to affect our athletes.

Let’s not let the negative press take away from what we have been working hard to achieve. We need your good vibes and positive energy 🙂 as athletes, nararamdaman din namin yung mga bagay na yan. Importente din po yan sa amin. Let’s try to keep things positive 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mabuhay ang mga Atletang Pilipino. #wewinasone #staypositive #onephilippines #parasabayan #karatepilipinas

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Source: Chino Veguillas

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