Former CNN Philippines TV host has left a message to people who appears to be righteous but wishing ill to Pres. Duterte

When Duterte disappeared from public view for four days, critics began spreading rumors about him being gravely ill and worse, dying of cancer.

Yesterday, Malacanang released photos of President Duterte together with Special Assistant to the President Bong Go and the other photo showing him sitting in front of loads of important documents.

The photos were allegedly taken inside the Presidential residence where former President Pnoy stayed during his 6-year tenure.

However, Duterte’s critics remain unconvinced and questioned the authenticity of the photos.

On Twitter, Jim Paredes doubted the authenticity of the photos released by Malacanang.

Former CNN Philippines TV host and a known Duterte sympathizer, Malou Tiquia took to Facebook and left a message rebuking people whom she described as appearing to be righteous but quite the opposite.

Read the post below.

To those who take the pedestal n appear to be so righteous, why do you wish ill of PRRD, a duly elected president? Why?

Why can’t you give a duly elected president an elbow room, to manage our nation? Since the get go, you hv shot him at all angles. Nary a year has passed an impeachment was filed?

What do you want him to do? Sit and do nothing? Let it be business as usual? Don’t run after those who pocketed n destroyed institutions?

If you were president, how would you deal w illegal drugs, terrorism, corruption of the past n the present, poverty, foreign policy and the economy? You guys seem to know more n can do well, right?

Please tell us. Let’s have an honest conversation bec right now, we have a president who has not been given a break in less than a year…a space to move, some silence to think n gather energy to again do his job…n when he avails of quiet time, he is said to be ill and dying. Why do you wish ill of him?

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