Former CNN Philippines TV host lends expert and unsolicited help to Duterte, Comms Group on how to cast off EJK tag

Speaking before the Southeast Asian justices, judges and lawyers, President Duterte complained that he has been demonized by his critics over the spate of killings under his war on drugs campaign.

“I know that I have been demonized and well, of course, I will assure you upon my oath as a lawyer and before God that some are true and some are not.”

“The extrajudicial tag that has been placed on me is simply not true,” President Duterte assreted. [Link here]

Public relations expert and former CNN Philippines TV host Malou Tiquia and a known Duterte sympathizer took to Facebook lending unsolicited help to CommsGroup and President Duterte how to cast off EJK tag from his administration.

Tequila opened the Facebook post with a friendly rebuke to the people responsible for the President’s public image.

“That’s the problem when you do not defend well and you let the critics frame you, or worst, you do not take care of image and reputation of the leader.”

Tiquia reminded the President’s men about an important principle in public relations while challenging them how to apply this in helping the President’s cause.

Yes, it has been said, “be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” How do you make character shine more?

Tiquia told Comms Group to go back to the stroy how Duterte won and home in Duterte’s message of politics of change.

For the Comms Group, how do you position against this tag? That’s an opportunity for you to tell the story of PH and its leader without contrasting him from the previous but positioning what he has done in the last 16 months. And seriously, enough of the mouth, more of the acts. Enough of the wild, wild west and more of Tatay Digong. Reign it in. Stick to message. There was discipline in the campaign. Embrace it again. Go back to the story how he won, paint the canvass again of his vision of PH and get the whip cracking for the politics of change.

Tiquia cited 5 important bills that should send a strong message that the politics of change as promised by President Duterte is not a figment of imagination but

Urgent to such is passing the reform agenda on politics: 1) pass the anti-dynasty bill; 2) pass political party reform; 3) pass the party-list reform; 4) Modernizing COMELEC and 5) FOI. We cannot bring the political skeletons to federalism.

In the next 4 or 5 paragraphs, Tiquia articulated several points that the Duterte administration must do to wrest the momentum from his critics and win the war of image framing.

Tiquia hinted that the Comms Group anchors on the framing that Duterte is a nationalist, first and foremost and not a populist as his critics wants the public and world to believe; she wants Duterte to form his own party that reflects his vision and programs; inclusive is the battlecry; sustained front line services and enlist the helo of local government and finally, give OFWs the sword and the armor to win the battle abroad.

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