Former DILG Sec. Alunan slams Facebook after getting a warning from social media giant

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III is one of the most popular blogger on social media especially on Facebook with sizable following.

The former Ramos government official is a staunch Duterte defender and friend who makes hitting Duterte critics a favorite past time.

Aside from sharing his political views, Alunan also shares other stuffs like photos that has nothing to do with politics that comes to his news feed.

One of the photos came back to haunt Alunan after someone reported the photo he shared to Facebook for copyright infringement.

Alunan did not disclose the content of the photo that merited him a warning from Facebook.

Let us read his Facebook post below:

For some strange reason, FB had me log in again. It sent me a message that I had posted content that was an infringement of someone’s copyright. It showed me the post. It was something I shared that appeared in my News Feed. Then it said before my page got logged back in that I should read the rules and follow them.

Then it said that if I had issues with that to contact its Help Center which is manned by a machine with canned answers that are not relevant to the problem at hand. That fucking stung. How the heck am I supposed to know that it was copyrighted? Why was it posted in Facebook in the first place and appeared in my News Feed?

Furious, Alunan ended the post with this line to castigate the social media giant.

“Look Facebook, tell whoever that was who posted his copyrighted material on social media to get smart. You too.”

Meanwhile, in the comment’s section, Alunan also issued a warning to those who caused the embarrassing scene and wrote: “If i find out the truth based on what some people here have fed back, there will be hell to pay.”

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