Former DILG Sec slams previous admin; ‘shabu ship’ cooking illegal drugs unmolested under their noses

Netizens are seething in anger after a photo of the shabu ship surfaced online, proving it has been there longer than reported and unmolested.

All indications suggest that the ship was moored in Subic Bay for at least 40 days until the police boarded the ship.

According to the 16-year old netizen, he was visiting an aunt in Bgy. Cawag, Subic Zambales on June 5 when he took a photo of the controversial ship, clueless the ship would someday make the headlines. Read the full story here.

The photo remained unnoticed until social media picked it up and made the rounds online and even caught the attention of a former DILG Secretary.

In a Facebook post, former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan sharply criticized the previous administration who were caught sleeping on their jobs after failing to detect the presence of the “shabu” ship in Subic while it has been moored for at least 40 days, cooking shabu right under their noses unmolested.

The former DILG Secretary said the alarming part is that we are clueless what the crews were trained for, aside from churning out ‘shabu’ in the ship.

Check the full text below:

A Chinese ship anchored off Subic Bay that served as a floating or mobile shabu factory. Lord knows what else the crew was trained for. It was there for at least 40 days before it was seized, which means early June or even much earlier.

Under whose original protection in the previous administration? What happened to enforcement by the PNP, BFAR and/or Coast Guard? If it was under surveillance, where did the shabu go to after landing on our shores? Who off-loaded, who delivered, who accepted, who bought?

Meanwhile, the ‘floating shabu ship’ was seized on July 11, 2016, by the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group through the help of local fishermen and arrested shabu users who told the police that “something” was happening inside the boat while at sea. Check the full story here.

According to the police intelligence network, the fishing vessel entered the country via Cagayan and later sailed to Ilocos, then Pangasinan, until it was monitored entering Subic Bay.

It was not mentioned though when the ship entered the country.

Check out how the netizens reacted to the post.

John Jamon Gaane wrote:

All those questions are answered when Duterte took took more than a month ! Imagine. . PNOY people are still thinking to make more money of that boat that might reach up to millions more. .

Ernesto San Diego wrote:

Ano ang ginagawa ng Phil navy at Phil coast guard dapat ay iniinspection ang lahat ng mga sea vessels na nasa teritoryo natin Pres DUTERTE take note, lahat ng mahuli na me dalang illegal drugs na sea vessels ay pasabugin at gawing scrap kailangan ng ating steel mills ang mga scrap.

Roseller Ang wrote:

Un coast guard masiba yan di pwede di nila lalapitan yan magbayad sa kanila para sa pag attraka nila jan s dagat kaya alam nila yan kung ano ginagawa nyan boat n yan

Beth Tugas wrote:

They are not unanswered questions. We have been so conditioned to not speaking out against evil, we actually convinced ourselves we do not know the obvious.

Daydee Coruna wrote:

So many unanswered questions that have to answered by the previous administration .

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Source: Rafael Alunan III

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