Former DILG Secretary chides Trillanes, Inquirer following front page story ‘Be wary of leader who lies’ statement to the public

Today’s front page story of the Philippine Daily Inquirer banners Senator Trillanes’ preaching to the Filipinos to practice discernment in supporting a leader.

Senator Trillanes was taking a dig at President Duterte whom he accused of making a fool of the 16 million Filipinos who voted for the president in the May 2016 election.

“Open your eyes. Niloloko ka na. Niloloko na tayong lahat.”

The senator chided the Filipinos for rallying behind a leader known for “frequent turnarounds from official pronouncements.” [PDI]

Trillanes proceeded to enumerate a litany of promises Duterte made but failed to deliver…

“He said he will not run… Filipinos just rode along… You didn’t see, you’ve been had… He said he will stop crime in three to six months… He said [during the campaign that] he will end smuggling in three days… He will jetski to the Spratlys… that he will double the salaries of police and military officers.”

Duterte’s trust rating remains high based on the latest Pulse Asia and SWS surveys.

Meanwhile, former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III slams Senator Trillanes for his “Be wary of leader who lies statement.”

Sec. Alunan said that Trillanes statement is full of irony.

This guy who’s trying hard to bring down PRRD has, uncannily, come to grips with reality by defining himself. Trouble is that he still doesn’t know that the public sees him as self-serving versus someone who is serving the Filipino people.

Sec. Alunan also chided the Inquirer for entertaining the nonsense of the senator.

And the Inquirer is giving his nonsense too much space for destabilization purposes.

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(c) Sec. Raffy Alunan III