Former DOH undersecretary exposes former DOH Sec. Janette Garin’s lies re #Dengvaxia scandal

Former DOH Secretary Janette Garin has been very visible lately entertaining questions from reporters since the Dengvaxia scandal erupted.

As expected, Garin has taken the page from her former Boss, former President Pnoy Aquino. by passing the blame to her predecessor or fabricating a story to evade punishment.

However, former DOH undersecretary Ted Herbosa of the PGH took to Facebook once again refuting every claim made by Janette Garin.

I refute each of her false claims! #YRushDengueVax

ABS-CBN EXCLUSIVE: Former Health Sec. Janette Garin addresses Dengvaxia controversy

Here are the highlights:

– Garin: There was no malice in PH visit to Neuville dengue facility in Lyon, Eastern France

Herbosa -How can there be no malice? Look at the speed this vaccine was procured. This is collusion. They where negotiating the price before the bidding. Negotiation should come after bidding not before! Look at the number of children injected!

– Garin says experiment on dengue vaccines was performed in Palawan during Sec. Ona’s term. Garin says the experiment was not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.

Herbosa – Hahaha! Sanofi study was done by Dr. Capeding of RITM, not Ona. Capeding admitted being paid by Sanofi to do the study. Kumita siya! It was done in Laguna, Cavite and NCR, not Palawan. The FDA does not have to approve researches, its ERBs or ethical Review boards that do. FDA just requests results of studies and Clinical trials before approving a Drug for registration! She clearly does not know the process of Research and drug registration!

She must be confused because of her abdominal pain and appendicitis!

– Garin says talks on dengue vaccine started in 2010 during former DOH Sec. Ona’s time

Herbosa – Phase III Clinical Trials pa lang noon. Experimental pa. Didnt she admit already she discussed the pricing of the vaccine in May 2015 in Paris with wine and dinner? it was Garin who purchased the vaccine, ordered its implementation injecting 733,000+ children and she is solely responsible after Sanofi admits it may harm children who has not had Dengue. She made a mistake by injecting all School children 9years old and above!

– Garin: Dengvaxia purchase was not a unilateral decision

Herbosa – Not Unilateral. It was bilateral. Sanofi agreed to sell and she agreed to buy! Nag negotiate pa ng discount! Before the a budget, and before bidding! Look at all the old Videos of her interviews. See an attached video below.

– Garin: Hintayin po natin ang isasagot ng WHO at ang sinabi ni Sec. Duque na pinapa-clarify sa Sanofi kung ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng kanilang press release.

Herbosa – WHO already made a Statement in Dec 4. they did not endorse the School based program. They required many things before a program, yet these were not met! She started vaccination before WHO SAGE guidelines were released! So again, she is solely responsible! Duque has started an investigation and has demanded a refund from Sanofi. He a asked FDA to ban sale and use of Dengavaxia. Duque and FDA has acted appropriately.

Is there anyone still believing this person. She is caught with her hand in the cookie jar! We all know who stole the cookies! #YRushDengueVax

Karen Davila interviewed Janette Garin in January 2016 and she told Karen she was very proud of being part of the DOH undertaking.

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Credits to Ted Herbosa and ANC News for the video

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