Former DOH undersectary Dr. Ted Herbosa says Janette Garin defied ‘right’ process in Dengvaxia implementation in senate hearing

Finally, Dr. Ted Herbosa, former DOH undersecretary got the chance to divulge his explosive revelation regarding the Dengvaxia mess before the senators.

In summary, Dr. Herbosa raised two red flags in the Dengvaxia implementation: highly irregular school-based vaccine implementation and purchasing vaccine not listed in National Drug Formulatory.

To get a good grasp of the points raised by Dr. Herbosa, I suggest you watch the video below.

I’d like to state that many lies have been said about this vaccine, but I would like to speak as a former DOH undersecretary of 4 years in implementing public health program in the country and using public funds.

Number 1, if there is an earthshaking vaccine that is being established by a company, it would have still to go through the right process. And the right process is first, it needs to be after phase 3 of a clinical trial in 2015, we need to review, the Academia is here, Professor Danes and others, to analyze all the results.

At that time, Professor Dans was already raising hell that there was apparent danger and more hospitalization of children below six years old because there was danger when this vaccine was put out in the first study, in the Philippines.

So When Sec. Garin announced on January 2016 that she wanted to implement this in the school-based, I fell off my chair. Because how can you do such a thing, when the process is, we all know Secretary Ona and I who are clinicians know that drugs would take time before it is given to people. It needs time before it becomes a program of the government.

So the first step is, register it, Certificate of Project Registration, Im fine with that. But that has to be done as a physician-supervised implementation. And why does it have to physician-supervised implementation? Because you want to catch side-effects or future problems which Sanofi has now stated in their Novemebr 29th, Because if we did that properly, this could easily be pulled out because that’s the safety of your people. But because Secretary Garin implemented is a school-based, she put at risk the children of our people.

Second, drugs to be purchased by government, whether one peso or two pesos, needs to be in the National Drug Formulary.

The National Drug Formulary is the list of drugs that the government is authorized to buy using public funds. If suddenly there is a new vaccine, you still have to wait to get that into the Formulary. So if say the paper came out in 2015, how the hell can you get that into the formulary? So you ask the people in FEC to study all the researches done and find out if is effective and safe for the people and government to buy.

So fi there is any question, we will not implement it. And the problem is, why will you ask for an exemption? That’s short-cutting the process of safety of our people.

Third, the money involved here. If you have money for a vaccine, that is earthshaking and very great, what would I do If I am the undersecretary and what the law says that I should go to the Congress and Senate and ask for a supplemental budget. If this is not done, then what was done was illegal. Because someone decided that P3.5B of public funds be used for an unsafe and unproven drug. And the declaration of Sanofi on November 29 validates that.

Watch the video below.

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