Former government official’s advice to Pres. Duterte in wake of Quaipo bombing: Don’t declare Martial law, follow Erdogan’s lead

Former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs Jose Alejandrino took to Facebook to lend his advice to President Duterte in light of the Quiapo bombing.

The Quiapo bombing occurred Friday night, resulting to injury of 13 people. No casualties has been reported as of this writing.

Alejandrino is suspicious of the timing of the grenade throwing, which followed after the media frenzy about a complaint in the ICC by Atty. Jude Sabio against Duterte and the ASEAN meeting in Manila.

Alejandrino remarked that the bombing is intended to send a message to the participants in the Asean Summit in Manila that Duterte faces a wider opposition to his regime than it actually is.

And the usual suspects? Here’s what Alejandrino thinks…

“It could have been carried out by a disgruntled group of the Opposition hatched by the likes of Trillanes or by terrorists affiliated with ISIS or even by both working together. We should not discount any possibility, but this is for the PNP to investigate.”

Alejandrino recalled he already warned the public about this scenario.

“In my previous postings, I had warned about possible bombings in cities, but did not expect it would be blatantly carried out during a major international meeting hosted by the president.”

Alejandrino condemned the bombing and describe it as despicable act.

“There is nothing more despicable than the loss of innocent lives. Such acts of terrorism are undoubtedly the work of desperate people out to destabilize the country to show to the outside world the Philippines is no longer safe.”

Alejandrino reiterated his warning to the public that the plotters will not stop until they evict Duterte in Malacanang.

“As I wrote before, I expect destabilization to continue until Duterte is removed and replaced by Robredo. The established order will not accept change. The oligarchs, druglords, the political Opposition and their cohorts have too much to lose. They will fight desperately to the end.”

Alejandrino said that the goal of the opposition is to force Duterte to do a Marcos.

“The shift to direct violent action in concentrated hubs like cities heralds a new ballgame. If unabated, it could force the president to declare martial law which might be the real purpose behind the bombings. To show to the world the dictatorial nature of the Duterte regime like the Marcos regime.”

Before ending his post, Alejandrino advised Pres. Duterte not to fall to the trap laid out by his enemies.

“I have said before the president should not fall into this trap. The better way, I had suggested, was for the people to give him extraordinary powers, like the Turkish people gave recently to Erdogan who was facing the same problems as Duterte. This is the democratic way because the will of the people is sovereign. Once armed with these powers which are wider in scope than martial law, the destabilization will stop. The Opposition will then realize the game is over.”

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