Former gov’t official bares Opposition gameplan: Oust Duterte, Leni stays as VP, stops Sara Duterte becoming the next President

Former consultant to the Ramos government and now active political blogger Jose Alejandrino have revisited his expose on the LP’s game plan two years ago and to his amazement, he found out his predictions were on point.

In his latest Facebook post, Alejandrino bared LP’s gameplan in 2018 and beyond that should keep Duterte and his supporters on their toes.

Anyway, LP’s plan hinges on the developments in US politics and it is interesting to know that the US remains a big player in local politics even though the country, under Duterte’s leadership have pivoted away from the US.

After the May 2016 elections, which I said were fraudulent, I wrote about the LP gameplan. I said it would aim at destabilizing Duterte in the hope of toppling and replacing him with Robredo. I said it would use the Senate platform to conduct hearings like De Lima’s committee to gain foreign attention. I said it would try to destroy the DDS, Duterte’s main shield, to capture social media. I said it would continue to obstruct change to buy time until Duterte’s term is over. All that I had predicted would happen did happen.

According to Alejandrino, he offered to two solutions how President Duterte can neutralize LP’s gameplan like putting a premium on performance in order to 1. increase his popularity 2. sustain his popularity.

True enough, Alejandrino recalled how the LP became marginalized, following the exit of LP members en masse and only to resurface later as PDP Laban members with one intention in mind – to control it.

I also offered two solutions. One was for Duterte to have achieved to increase and sustain his popularity. The other was for the people to give him rev powers. Again, I was right. The Opposition was marginalized. Many liberals switched to the PDP-Laban to control it.

This is where Alejandrino broached the idea to Sara Duterte’s chief of staff over breakfast in Davao City to form another party because the President cannot rely solely on PDP Laban.

That is why I supported Inday Sara’s decision to organize a separate political party which I had broached to her chief of staff Atty. Jayr Nadela when we had breakfast in Davao. I also posted this would give the president an option in order to avoid having to rely solely on the PDP.

Sara Duterte’s HNP her ticket to Presidency?

According to Alejandrino, the HNP will consolidate President Duterte’s supporters since the president cannot count on politicians who would go where the wind blows but the people. Alejandrino claimed he cautioned Sara in accepting traditional politicians into her party. Tactical alliances are ok, but Sara’s HNP should organize it differently to prevent people from avoiding it because the public have developed disdain from tradpols (traditional politicians). If Sara plays her cards right, the HNP will Sara’s vehicle to Malacanang.

The HNP was needed as a mass base of the people to consolidate Duterte’s supporters. I said the president could not rely on politicians who blow where the wind blows but on the people. It is also why I advised Inday Sara on my timeline to be wary of bringing tradpols into the HNP. Making tactical alliances with them was alright, but the HNP had to be organized differently because people were tired of tradpols who only looked after their own interest. Organized and strategized properly, I said, HNP would be her ticket to winning the presidency.

Guess what’s in store for President Rodrigo Duterte and daughter Sara in 2018 and beyond?

Alejandrino remarked that Chong’s expose has clearly upset the Liberals, Smartmatic and Comelec and sensing the urgency of nipping Chong in the bud, Drilon attempted to cast doubt on Chong’s motives by connecting him to BBM, waving a letter from Marcos’s lawyer Ver Garcia, allegedly the proof that Chong worked for BBM.

As we all know, Drilon retreated when he failed to intimidate Chong and forced him to commit a mistake in the brief interrogation but didn’t.

Mainstream media have been mum on Chong’s expose while news website Rappler churned out a couple of articles with the intention to hurt Chong’s credibility in the public eyes and eventually his Senate testimony. And like Drilon, Rappler attempted but failed.

I now see the Opposition moving to the next phase of its gameplan. Here is how I see its Phase II.
The liberals are obviously upset by Glenn Chong’s expose at the Senate hearing of how massive cheating was conducted at the May 2016 elections. So were Comelec and Smartmatic officials. Thus during the hearing, Robredo’s lawyer was seen slipping a piece of paper into Drilon’s hands. Drilon asked Chong what was his relationship to BBM. Chong denied any relationship. Mainstream media downplayed Chong’s expose and Rappler has again come out about Chong and Marcos. Imagine a national issue like electoral fraud which concerns all voters being downplayed. Not surprising, Chong said, because of so many paid hacks in media without naming them.

Alejandrino remarked that the Liberals have every reason to worry of Chong’s expose on electoral fraud because it affects Leni Robredo, the Liberals saving grace and ticket to return to power.

2021 is still a long way to go when the Liberals betting that when Trump steps down after getting re-elected, the US democrats will return to power. Loida Lewis, a Democrat supporter in the US and Liberal’s financier in the Philippines, the Liberals hope can sway the US democrats who will be in power to help them topple Duterte, retake Malacanang and stops Sara Duterte from becoming the next President in 20122.

The Chong expose of electoral fraud naturally worries the LP because it affects their mother hen Robredo. The liberals are aware Trump supports Duterte. They are hoping when Trump’s term ends in 2021 the Democrats, the traditional allies of liberals, will regain the White House. Loida Lewis, the main backer of Robredo, is a major financial contributor to the Democratic Party. With the Democrats back in power, the LP hopes the Americans will help quietly to topple Duterte and thwart Inday Sara’s chances of winning the presidency. This is why the LP needs badly to keep Robredo’s flame alive as VP, a flame that risks being extinguished by the Chong expose of massive electoral fraud. Thus the need to slander and destroy the credibility of Glenn Chong.

Stopping Sara Duterte from becoming the next President in 20122, Alejandrino said that the Liberals need the help of Comelec. They have hackers on their beck and call to do the Liberals bidding. Of course, the Liberals wouldn’t succeed with their plan without Smartmatic on their side which he said is already a given since its chairman was a former Cory Aquino adviser so the two have a long history.

The LP also needs to keep the structure they put in place intact. The Comelec full of liberal appointees is anti-BBM. LP hackers remain on standby. Smartmatic is fully behind the present Comelec. Malloch Brown was a former Cory adviser and a friend of Noynoy.

Alejandrino stated the obvious that when Duterte decides to rid the Comelec of the election cheats, the Liberals hope of regaining power in 2022 is all but lost. That is why Bam Aquino told mainstream media he hopes the 2019 mid-term elections will be “clean and credible” was actually meant as a warning shot to Duterte. If LP candidates lose in 2019, what Bam is really saying is Duterte’s new Comelec cheated them.

Any move by Duterte to clean Comelec would not be beneficial to the LP. It is in this light that we have to view Bam Aquino’s public pronouncement he hopes the 2019 mid-term elections will be “clean and credible.” It was really meant as a firing shot at Duterte to warn him not to mess with Comelec. If Duterte cleans Comelec and appoints new officials, and if LP candidates lose in 2019, what Bam is really saying is Duterte’s new Comelec cheated them.

In the final analysis, Liberal’s Phase II will require ousting Duterte if the US Dems recaptures the White house. That ‘s why Alejandrino stresses the importance for Sara’s HNP to get its act together and consolidate its mass base.

Phase II of the Opposition gameplan will be a last-ditch attempt to ditch Duterte. It rests on one assumption, that of Democrats in US recapturing the White House. Should, God forbid, this happen, then we are in a different ballgame. This is why I urge Inday’s HNP to get its act together and consolidate its mass base. The balimbings will switch back to the LP. At the end of the day, Duterte will only be able to count on the people.

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