Former high ranking official slams US Congress following probe on Duterte’s drug war

A former high ranking official told US Congress that they lack moral ascendancy to probe Duterte on alleged human rights violation in government’s anti-drug war.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III instead turned the tables around by accusing the US of playing politics after their local bet lost to Duterte in the last election.

What the US Congress is doing, Alunan said, is “itself violative of our human rights that threatens to end the efficacy of the one-sided alliance. ”

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Let’s put things in proper perspective, shall we?

US Congress will conduct a hearing about the Philippines’ war on drugs, citing thousands killed (numbers vary depending on official or polluted sources), a campaign that aims to save our children and society in general from drugs, crime and corruption deeply embedded in our culture.

But does it have the moral and legal high ground to interfere in any sovereign country’s internal affairs as it applies the moral use of force against proven serial killers? By any comparison, the Philippines cannot be a murderous country as the U.S. is, based on this report from Global Research.

No, it does not obviously. So, it boils down to strictly politics. They backed the losers in 2016, the drug business is getting affected big time, and it doesn’t like the independent streak of the new administration. This is purely vested interests at work that disregard the Philippines’ national interest.

So, they’re weaponizing human rights. Do they have the authority and right to browbeat us as if we were still their colony, while they go around the world scot-free leaving behind a long trail of death and destruction? The world has loudly protested its imperial hubris but to no avail.

That oppressive unjust tactic is in itself violative of our human rights that threatens to end the efficacy of the one-sided alliance. Would that be a fair comment? Please feel free to discuss this matter on this wall.

Here’s how the social media reacts.

Letty Bandayrel wrote: “Obviously the drug money is at work, plain and simple. God gave PRRD to the Phippines at this point when we need him most, so if God is with us, who can be against us? Let us just continue doing our share:
1. Pray harder
2. Be more united as Filipinos for the common good of our nation
If we are united, how can any one conspire to make up stories against PRRD.
3. Be participative always in our own little way.
May God bless us all in this journey!”

Domý Panangûi Púa remarked: “Bullshit US Congress…. They are CIA disguised as legislators whose objective is to propagate conflicts all over the world for their vested interests….. These are the people who do not mind murdering their own to get what they want….!”

Maggie Oh said: “This is totally ridiculous considering how many lives the US have killed on several foreign lands pretending to be the champion of human rights or the savior of mankind! And how many African-Americans have they killed on their own turf again???!!! It’s funny how they meddle with our business they cannot even clean up their own mess in their own backyard. Hypocrites!

This intrusion by the US Congress has reduced their reputation to a miniscule. And why not? Their “sources” just happen to be a bunch of bitter Filipino politicians whom Fi-Am Loida Nicolas Lewis financed during the 2016 election in the PH (didn’t Loida finance Obama & Hillary too?) and their political whores who have already pledged allegiance to the US flag! They didn’t even vote during the 2016 elections! Pathetic! Oh and there’s the human rights advocates who still believe De Lima is a victim of persecution! Excuse me human rights group De Lima is facing charges of receiving drug money during her campaign & protecting druglords! What a bunch of clowns!

Well guess what President Duterte is a duly elected President voted by 16million Filipinos! We finally have. a President who is working for us unlike the corrupt Filipino has-beens you are siding with . As a Filipino citizen we will protect our President, our sovereignty and our country! Don’t us you hypocrites! You do not own us or the world! 😡😡😡✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽”

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