Former intelligence officer says same groups – communist, Liberals in oust Marcos movement now plotting Duterte’s ouster?

The public have been feed with countless anti-Marcos TV documentaries, movies and narratives since time immemorial. Isn’t it high time the public get to hear the other side of the story from a former military officer?

Thanks to former military rebel Abe Purugganan, who happened to be a junior military intelligence officer when Martial law was declared, for sharing his personal perspective on the Martial law debate.

In a viral Facebook post, Purugganan bared that the groups the military fought against in Marcos’ martial law years are the very same groups (communist, the Liberals and the oligarchs) that are now plotting to oust Duterte.

Purugganan revealed that the military had their hands full as they battled with the communist rebels for control in almost every provinces in the Philippines.

He clarified though that there was nothing political but they were only doing their jobs, to accomplish their mission.

Please read the pots below.

I was a junior officer of the Philippine Army during the martial law years. I have enough knowledge and understanding of who were our enemies. Thru those years the Army spent much of its effort clearing provinces that were influenced and controlled by secessionist and communist rebels. It was a period of uncertainty with the secessionist movement and the communist insurgency threatening the whole nation.

And the AFP had its hands full fighting in almost all corners of the country to prevent communism and secessionism to succeed. Martial law was then adopted as a political-military solution that the state badly needed to save the country from the secessionists who threatened Mindanao and the communists who threatened almost all communities of the country.

In my stints in the intelligence community, I came to learn more of the enemies of the state and our national security situation. I came to know the real enemies of the Filipino people. Unfortunately for us, they are still the same group of people – the yellows, liberals, communists, and the oligarchs, who continue to pester, destroy, and exploit our country today. For decades they have managed to fool our people and they still believed that they can.

For most of us who were assigned in the field during those days, nothing was political, it was all accomplishing our missions to defend the republic against those who wanted to destroy it.

For us, it was hard work and extreme sacrifices rendered for the sake of our people. And many of our soldiers, officers and men died and maimed during the martial law defending the country from communism and secessionism.

Today, I salute them. I pay tribute to them. May their gallantry and sacrifices for the nation be remembered and never to be forgotten. And so with the many unsung heroes from the civilian sector who gave their lives in helping and supporting the counter insurgency of the government.

I salute.

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