Former lumad school student in Surigao talked about experience in ALCADEV, visit of local celeb & FB did this

KABOS, a Facebook page just created on September 2020, has been making a buzz on Facebook lately after one of its post was deleted for allegedly going against community standards on vi0lence and incitement. See the pic below for your reference.

Good thing it was re-posted somewhere else with the pictures and all that perhaps raised some red flags to FB. [Link here]

The post was narrated by one of the former students of SALUGPUNGAN or ALCADEV, a school for indigenous tribes in Mindanao, as the public was told.

However, the AFP alleged that these SALUGPUNGAN schools were actually recruiting and training grounds of the NPA, luring innocent children of tribal communities.

As expected, the CPP-NPA denied the allegation and also the leftist organizations that support these schools.

But according to the author of the FB post of KABOS that was deleted for going against community standards of FB, ALCADEV is indeed an NPA-owned school.

Anyway, the former ALCADEV student and author of the FB post talked about the visit of a Manila visitor to ALCADEV in Surigao, whom he or she described as very different from them because the visitor from Manila was fair-skinned and a celebrity that they were unaware of because they don’t have television in the mountain. They assumed she was a member of GABRIELA because of the shirt she wore.

The author claimed he or she learned how to handle weapons, fire it and h@te the government.

According to the author, they have teachers who were graduates of UP and PUP. Many students from ALCADEV were sent to Manila to “study”. They did not know they were sent to other regions as NPA or join rallies in big cities.

Like many poor Filipinos, all the author wanted was to learn how to read and write; the author said he or she graduated high school in ALCADEV; thought he or she could attend college.

However, when the author enrolled in college, he or she was devastated upon discovering that ALCADEV was not accredited with DepEd. The author recalled crying hard and felt very angry.

The author approached the AFP to ask for help despite the teachings in school soldiers are murderers and executioners.

The AFP gave the author scholarship and finished college with a degree in Education. Now, the author is a teacher.

The author happily reported that DepEd built a school in their area and now kids can attend school.

After getting a lot of engagements on Facebook, the post was, as I’ve mentioned was deleted, forcing the author to run to Facebook again to re-post it but removed a big portion where he or she mentioned the visit of a local actress from Manila.

The author promised to write about a teacher from Cebu and a UP graduate who came to ALCADEV to teach. The author found it strange that the teacher from Cebu would travel all the way to Mindanao, a very far place from Cebu.

The author ended the post by asking for apology from Angel for posting the photo without blurring her face. The author said he or she wanted to edit the pic but don’t know how.

From the tone of the author’s voice, the pic was grabbed from another person who took the photos of the actress’ visit because at the time, the author didn’t own a phone with camera.

Meanwhile, an old video of CPP-NPA founder Joma Sison talking about the different leftist organizations being part of the overall strategy of the revolutionary struggle has been making the rounds on social media.

Many of the leftist organizations who are denying to death that they are connected to the NPA were mentioned by Sison. Gabriela, KMP, BAYAN, KMU are just one of the names I can recall mentioned by Joma.

Curiously, the viral post of KABOS showing a local celebrity wearing a GABRIELA shirt was reported and deleted after it went viral.

Video below.


Source: KABOS

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