Former military official paints a vivid picture of Philippine political landscape post-BBC interview of Trillanes

While Trillanes made a fool of himself in the BBC interview, a retired military official learned a lot from the interview and painted a vivid picture of our political landscape.

On Facebook, Retired Captain Abe Purugganan described the political opposition as ‘confused’ and ‘out of touch’ with the sentiments of ordinary Filipinos while praising the Duterte administration for being in sync with the pulse of the ordinary people.

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A POLITICAL ASSESSMENT (Thanks to BBC & Mr. Trillanes)

1. They are confused about what democracy is all about.
2. They do not believe that the war on drugs is working.
3. Their comments are constantly negative.
4. They are out of tune with the ordinary Filipino opinion.
5. They are very committed to bringing legal action against Duterte.
6. They offer help and protection for witnesses who will stand against Duterte.
7. They put so much faith in a self-acknowledged mass-murderer.
8. They are bashing their heads against a brick wall to pin down Duterte.
9. They don’t know their faith in the law, national & international, is taking them.
10. They might spend a few years in prison.

1. Duterte is difficult to pin down.
2. Duterte represents a movement to change how politics works in the Philippines.
3. Duterte’s interest is for the poor and for the disadvantage and not for the elite and the oligarchs based in Manila.
4. Duterte is committed to a radical poverty elimination program.
5. Duterte’s programs appeal to many people.
6. Duterte is the man to clean up the country.
7. Duterte-ism is working for the Philippines.
8. Duterte is doing a decent job and Filipinos acknowledged it.
9. Duterte with a 75% approval rating, is having the best day of his life.

Did I miss something?

Netizen reacts: “Ed Dazo The oppossition is blinded by greed, pride, anger, hatred and selfishness. They will refuse to acknowledge and open their eyes to the glaring truth that the Philippines under Duterte is back on its feet again. These people are hopeless.”

Rody Tutor Romero writes: “Opposition dreads Duterte honest governance. they’re afraid of their accountability as corrupt undesirable leaders of the past. they are answerable for their deeds corruption!”

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