Former NPA commander bares excesses of CPP-NPA leaders, sins against Filipino people in tell-all video

Meet former NPA rebel leader Julieto Canoy AKA Tatay Bom. He was active in the communist insurgency movement since the 1980’s to 2007 until his capture.

He was a finance office of the of the guerrilla front in the Agusan Front. His job description includes as collector of revolutionary taxes, organized mass-based organizations among farmers.

His love affair with the revolutionary movement ended in 2007 when he came to the realization that the goal of the revolutionary movement to topple the government is not possible.

During his capture from 2008-2011 captured by the AFP, he said leaving the NPA did not enter his mind because of the money. Prior to his arrest, he was collecting hundreds of thousands of pesos of revolutionary taxes from the people especially from businessmen, mining companies and politicians.

He claimed majority of the money went to the needs of ordinary NPA’s who depended on him for their basic needs. NPA guerillas have no monthly stipend.

In 2007, after finishing an intermediate course (CPP NPA doctrine), Ka Julieto Canoy aka Tatay Bom, he learned that Filipinos have no right to own a property like own a land. This in contrast of what the CPP-NDF officials promised them during recruitment, that they are fighting for land reform.

Sadly, the NPA recruits are uneducated people so they took the word of the communists leaders as gospel truths.

According to Ka Julieto Canoy, he learned two painful truths that led him to question his loyalty to the cause: 1. owning a property is not allowed under a communist state 2. practicing of religion is banned under communist state. These two communist laws are not acceptable to Filipinos.

He said communist leaders promised to implement land reform is not true but a ploy to deceive poor farmers, enticing them to join NPA militias with the task to fight the government. They are given arms to become NPA combatants.

He claimed that Agusan del Sur is the home base of various legal organizations organized by the NPA’s.

NAMASUR (Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma Agusan del Sur or United Farmers in Agusan del Sur)
KAMASS (Kahugpungan sa Mag-uuma Surigao Sur)
NAMASUN (Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa Surigao Norte)
UMAN (Unyon Mag-uumang Agusan Norte)

Note: Mag-uuma means farmers; Nagkahiusa means (united)

These different farmer’s organization are umbrella organizations of KMP (Kilusang Mambubukid ng Pilipinas) duly registered in the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

PKM (Pambasang Katipunan ng Mambubukid) is under the KMP.

Ka Julieto claimed he and his NPA comrades organized these different organizations several years ago.

When the Army captured Ka Julieto, he realized that the essence of democracy and equality can be found in the present of government, not in the communist movement.

Ka Julieto claimed that despite committing many crimes against the government in the last 31 years in the communist movement, he was not hurt by his captors, particularly the 6th IB and the Scout Rangers under the command of Lt. Sarasara, who is now a Captain assigned in Davao.

Ka Julieto asks the NPA’s to stop their propaganda telling the CAFGUS to resign from their post.

Ka Julieto sees no reason why the CAFGUS listen to the NPA’s call to resign from their jobs since the CAFGUS received a monthly stipend of 4,500 pesos for 2 weeks of duty, and the rest of the month, they could return as farmers or fishermen.

He told the NPA’s to instead surrender and the government will pay them.

Ka Julieto called the NPA guerilla “robbers.”

He cited the NPA raid of a police station in Alegria Surigao del Norte is an example that the NPA’s are robbers. The NPA’s carted away guns, money and gadgets (mobile phones, laptops) of the police men.

Ka Julieto also recalled his guerilla days wherein he and his comrades would shoot the farmer’s cows for meat in Davao.

Ka Julieto also shared an anecdote how and his NPA comrades confiscated the cows given by the government as part of a livelihood program for farmers.

Ka Julieto told the newly-recruited NPA guerillas that eventually they will become robbers and raid police stations.

Ka Julieto also mentioned the Countryman (a gold mining financier and buyer) raided by the NPA wherein gold bars where confiscated from the businessman.

Ka Julieto also shared the foiled NPA robbery attempt targeting a rich Muslim businessman but because the businessman fought back together with his men, the NPA’s retreated in defeat.

Ka Julieto reiterated his call for the NPA to surrender and join the CAFGU unit and receive a salary of 4,500 pesos a month and make money in a decent way. He said some of them could even become a regular member of the AFP, if they have no serious illness.

If the NPA returnees don’t want to join the CAFGU Units or the Army, they can look for a job and renounced the wrong path they are following.

Ka Julieto urged the NPA guerillas to compare their lot with Joma Sison, the CPP NPA head, who enjoys a life of luxury in the Netherlands from the money collected as revolutionary taxes.

Ka Julieto compared the ideology of the Spanish conquerors to the communist. He cited several examples of slavery in the Philippine as practice by the Spaniards.

Alipin Mamahay – Filipinos served in the homes of the Spaniard as slaves. No salary but food was provided.
Alipid sa Gigilid (Slave farmers) – Filipinos till the land while the Spanish landlord collect the harvest; the farmers retain some of the harvest for personal consumption.

This is the same practice the Communist movement is doing to the NPA cadres, Ka Julieto argued.

Ka Julieto said the communist rebellion is the biggest stumbling block to our march to progress as a nation.

He said the NPA are not true Filipinos, traitors because they want the communist leaders as the new king, the new ruling party in the Philippines.

He said the communist form of government is bad because this is no different how the Spanish conquerors treated the Filipinos.

He urged those who are thinking of joining the NPA movement to consider the fate that awaits them.

Ka Juliet stressed that new NPA recruits, don’t receive any salary. Only NPA commanders, make money because they can send letters to businessmen, to politicians (extortion).

He said its true that NPA leaders enjoys the economic perks that comes with territory, ordinary recruits dies in battle without receiving any salary.

Ka Julieto also spilled how the communist leaders take advantage of organizing worker’s union, then tells them to organize protest rallies asking salary increase, and eventually forced to go underground when the military is hot on their trails.

The same strategy is used in farmers organizations.

Before ending the video, he enjoined the military to stay alert against treacherous NPA attacks. He told the CAFGUS not to heed the call of the NPA to resign from their post because they are fighting for a good cause.


A video revelation from a Former Rebel Julieto Canoy AKA Tatay Bom. A Former NPA leader from 1980's to 2007, until he was captured and realized the true identity of the CPP-NPA. Its worth watching. Don't forget to share.
note: This is not my native language, I only understand very few, I appreciate if someone could translate the whole video or some important parts.

……….they sacrifice for nothing dahil lahat ng sinisingil nya goes to the head of NPA while the rest of the members ay bahala sila sa buhay nila at ng pamilya nila
PS (PAHABOL SULAT LOL): This is not The Pandora's Box original VIDEO

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