Former PDEA Director Santiago fears for the safety of the arrested military official

Former PDEA Director General Dionisio Santiago expressed fears that the colonel’s life could be in danger if he discloses everything he knows about the illegal drug trade in the country.

Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino, Philippine Marines, was arrested during a drug raid in Sta. Cruz Manila early this morning but he insisted he was doing intelligence work during the time of the arrest.

The arrested military official made the claim while being whisked away after he was presented at press conference held at Camp Crame today.

Wala akong dapat itago, wala akong kasalanan.

“It’s a legitimate project. It’s an intelligence project. We were there to verify information,” the high-ranking Marines official told reporters.

In an interview with Radyo Inquirer, former PDEA Director General Dionisio Santiago said, “I hope that the government agency where he is taking orders from would step up and confirm the legitimacy of the operation.”

My advice is for Colonel Marcelino to divulge everything he knows about the personalities involved even if it means compromising the other major operations that are already in the pipeline.

The retired General expressed sympathy for his former protegé since the latter is now at crossroads of his career where he has to choose between saving his neck and escape jail time or tell-all but endangering his life in the process.

“Ang problema dito, pag dinisclose niya everything, malalaman ang ibang major operations na maraming nabulilyaso. It’s very unfortunate, all odds against him, sinong aampon sa kaniya ngayon? Kawawa siya ngayon. His life is endangered, tumahimik siya bilanggo siya, mag-open siya papatayin siya.

Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino served as a director of the Special Enforcement Service of PDEA during the time of former PDEA Director General Dionisio Santiago.

Question: SINO KAYA ANG BIG FISH NA NILIGTAS NILA — #ThePandorasBoxThe former director of the Special Enforcement Services of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency was arrested along with a Chinese national in a drug bust operation Thursday which yielded P320 million worth of methamphetamine hydrochloride (“shabu”) at a house in Manila according to a report from Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.

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