Former PNoy’s Solicitor General Florin Hilbay caught posting fake news but deleted it?

If you were former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay and you were caught peddling fake news, what would you do to save face?

Delete it? Probably.

Well, that’s exactly what he did after realizing he made the mistake of posting fake news on Facebook by deleting it, perhaps saying a prayer none of his enemies on social media noticed it.

But sorry for the former Solicitor General because Imee Callao, one of Duterte’s active supporter on social media, took a screen grab of Hilbay’s post.

As if rubbing salt on Hilbay’s wounded pride, Imee Callao posted the screen grab on Facebook, to embarrass the former Solicitor General who have been vocal about his disdain for people whom he described as purveyor of fake news.


You are spreading fake news, Florin Hilbay. The real story for the minors killed as below.

A 42-year-old man was shot dead by police officers after he allegedly stabbed his two sons to death in their house in Taguig City yesterday morning.

The city police received a call from a concerned citizen about a commotion in a house on Pangilinan street in New Lower Bicutan, according to Chief Superintendent Tomas Apolinario, Southern Police District director.

Ariston Nacion allegedly tried to stab the police officers sent to verify the report, prompting them to shoot him. He died at the scene, Apolinario said.

The police officers found the bodies of Nacion’s sons Jivo, 13, and Lancem, 6.

Apolinario alleged that Nacion stabbed them while under the influence of illegal drugs after talking on the phone to his wife, who works in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.

He said Nacion allegedly killed his sons in a fit of jealousy fueled by the use of illegal drugs, but noted that Nacion is not on the barangay drug watchlist.

A sachet of shabu was recovered at the crime scene, Apolinario said.

Check out the screen grab below.

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