Former PNP Chief Lacson’s opinion is sought after in police matters. So what is his take on public shaming of rogue cops?

On Tuesday, police scalawags from Metro Manila were on the receiving end of a presidential tongue lashing in Malacanang.

Shortly, Duterte’s critics crucified him in the mainstream and in the social media who demanded nothing less than the sacking of the erring policemen from the service, not mere public shaming on TV.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson was once at the helm of the Philippine National Police so what he has to say on President Duterte’s public humiliation of alleged rogue policemen matters.

“Well, yes and no pwede makapag-demoralized pwede rin makapag-lift ng morale nung mga matitinong pulis. At least masasabi nila na may ginawa rin. Kasi ano contagious yun eh. Infectious yun kapag ang katabi mo ang daming kalokohan ginagawa kaso di napaparusahan, baka ikaw sabihin mo na rin, ito enjoying ito, sama na ako sa kanya. So that’s a good move–ang maparusahan ang dapat parusahan para di mapamarisan.”

(Well, yes and no. It could be demoralizing or a morale booster for the good cops. At least, they can say, something has been done. You know what, this is contagious. It’s infectious when  rogue policeman next to you has gone unpunished.  If you were a good cop,you might say, this is fun so I am joining them. So that’s a good move – penalizing those who are deserving so that they are not worthy emulating. )

When asked how effective public humiliation, this is what Lacson have to say:

“Kanya-kanyang style ano. Sa akin yan tulad ng sinabi ko yung shaming the rogues, di ba shini-hame din nila ang PNP e, so tama lang.” (It’s a contrasting style. To me like I said a while ago, shaming the rogues, they also shame the PNP, so they deserved nothing less),” Lacson stressed.

Video here:

Do you agree with public shaming of scalawags in uniform? See you in the comment section.

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