Former President Arroyo earns praise of netizens for admitting Duterte much stronger leader than her

Humility is a great quality of leadership which derives respect and not just fear or hatred.

Recently, former President Gloria Arroyo said something positive about President Duterte’s leadership that earned the admiration of netizens, including her critics in the past.

According to the Facebook post of PTV 4 recently, former President Arroyo told the reporters that Duterte is a stronger leader she was the President.

Pres. Duterte is a much stronger leader than I am. He can handle it better than I did.

This short statement from former President GMA earns the praise from netizens on Facebook who return the favor by commending the former President. Let us take a sampling of the generous comments made by the netizens.

Jing Ramos says:

To acknowledge….shows humility. I may not be a fan of Arroyo but I appreciate her statement of trust with the Present Admin and ofcourse our President. This is what we need now…

Sseht Milmilog Oflodor says:

Kapag ang isang tao ay taos pusong nagpapakumbaba at nirerespeto ang presidente.duterte ay wag nyo na sanang kutyain pa walang perpektong tao na mga hindi nagkasala sa buong buhay nila at kung ano man yun ay ilan taon na rin naman nyang napagbayaran kaya.sana lang ay matutu na lang tayung magpatawad or irespeto na rin lang.

Vilma Francisco Diaz says:

PGMA is just one of the best.Sinira siya ng todo ng media pero marami siyang nagawang proyekto. Digong knows it. Pinagdadaanan nya rin ito ngayon.

Bienne Jasmine says:

Nice statement CGMA…pls do help d president in pursuing peace and all his plans for a brighter and stronger Philippines!!!

Bryan Paredes Vergara Henosolango says:

Thank you Madam Gloria.. Dati galit ako sayo.. as in Galit na Galit.. pero now it’s time to move on.. kasi saludo ka din kay tatay digong. Salamat sa pag suporta mo kay tatay digong.. unlike kay Pnoy.. He is the best president ever daw…

Zirc Bisdak says:

I thank the former president for the acknowledgement for the new leader dahil iisa lang naman ang pilipinas but di pa makipag tulungan

Jorge Barba says:

Personally, I have a soft spot for GMA because she’s a very hardworking president. Ang naging kasalanan lang nya ay ibang klasing ugali ang nakasama nya sa buhay. At least di siya naging Leila na dahil sa pag-ibig, nag pyiesta mga criminal sa munti.

Philippines 2016-2022 says:

I didn’t like cgma either, but I’ll have to agree with Vernon on this one, Lordson. Madaming laban ang sabay-sabay na nililead ni PRRD, a sincere alliance can become support, and PRRD needs all the help he can get. (In fairness kay maam, being also the workaholic she is, has quickly filed legislation that prrd needs.) We all need to lean on one another at this time bec we are not undergoing just one war, but several. Let us learn the lessons fr the past w madam, we will not forget, but let’s all move forward together so that we will all win.

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Source: PTV 4


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