Former public school teacher and now Australia resident dares Grace Poe, senators to do commute challenge, Villar to do her own research

An apparently exasperated netizen who happens to be a former public school teacher and now a resident of Australia has taken to Facebook slamming the Opposition who made Palace Spokesman Sal Panelo commute to work.

Netizen Veronica del Rio remarked that since the Opposition had made Panelo commute, why not include all the senators like Poe and make her commute from her house to the senate. No media and alone.

Del Rio also dared Villar to do her own research and try planting rice or harvest rice.

Del Rio remarked that traffic was even worse in the 90’s in Rizal. She said for the first time she witnessed millennials who whines. Worse whiners than the older ones. She observed millennials complain when the lines in LRT is long but never hear them complain when queuing at milk tea shops or buy Jco.

Del Rio recalled walking from her house in Rosario Pasig to Cainta Rizal where she worked as public school teacher when traffic was so bad.

Del Rio remarked that her choices was limited to jeepneys and buses. Taxi was not part of the conversation because she did not have the budget.

But things are different now. Del Rio said there are many road widenings going on, there are UV express, Angkas, LRT2, MRT and Grab. The buses are bigger but why the roads seem congested?

Del Rio answered that because the volume of private cars has doubled and almost everyone owns a car. Not to mention the motorcycles.

Del Rio noted that its easier now to own a car or a motorcycle than in the past. Today, the down payment is very low compared in the 1990’s when only the rich could afford a car.

Del Rio admitted PRRD’s “Build Build Build” program have made the traffic worse, but she said, these projects intended to ease traffic could have been avoided if the past governments made this a priority, but unfortunately they didn’t.

Del Rio ended the post by leaving with the saying, “Kya nga sabi sa kasabihan kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan.” (If there is a will, there is a way. Otherwise, there are many reasons why they don’t want it.)

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Source: Robin Padilla

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