Former Ramos gov’t consultant says Sotto is stupid, playing hardball re Trillanes

A former Economic adviser of the Ramos government did not hold his punches on Facebook and pummeled Senate President Vicente Sotto III to a pulp for acting as Trillanes’s white knight in shining armor.

In the Facebook post, Jose Alejandrino called Sotto stupid and even urged the arresting officers to arrest Sotto as well should he obstruct the officers from doing their job.

Worse, Alejandrino wants to close down the senate for being a bad example to the public who are called lawmakers but in reality, lawbreakers.

Alejandrino warned Sotto not to test PRRD’s or the people’s,patience.

Alejandrino taunted Sotto to play hardball and said the people will also play hardball.

Alejandrino remarked that Sotto may succeed in preventing the arresting officers from entering the senate building and stopped the arresting officers from taking Trillanes into custody.

However, Sotto cannot prevent the people from entering the senate building because the people own it, not Sotto.

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by Jose Alejandrino

If Senate president Sotto protects Trillanes, he is obstructing justice. I say go in and arrest Trillanes who has no legislative immunity. If Sotto obstructs, also arrest him and close down the Senate. Who do these senators think they are? They should be the first to comply with the law.

Sotto, don’t test the president’s or the people’s patience.



Ok, Sotto, you want to play hardball, we’ll play hardball.

You say law enforcers cannot enter the Senate without your permission. But we citizens can because you don’t own the Senate. It is us citizens who own the Senate.

What will you do if thousands of citizens storm the Senate to effect a citizens’ arrest to comply with the law? Will you order your marshals to shoot them? What will you do if you obstruct justice and citizens also arrest you? It will make wonderful headlines around the world. I can just see it, “Citizens arrest senators who obstruct justice.”

Pepsi Paloma will be applauding. I’m sure the world press will be interested to know about Pepsi.

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