Former rebel & political prisoner slams ‘yellow cult’ for using martial law atrocities in their political agenda

According to a Chinese proverb, there are three kinds of truth in the world – my truth, your truth, and then the truth.

The Chinese proverb above is a fitting introduction to the confession made by a former student activist and leader of the urban guerilla unit of the NPA based in Metro Manila recently.

In the post, the former political prisoner slammed ‘Yellow cult’ for capitalizing on the martial law atrocities as their main propaganda weapon against the Marcos regime and succeeded. And to this day, in preventing the Marcoses from regaining their glory days.

The victims of these alleged atrocities, he wrote, are not as innocent as they are made out to be but were combatants of their chosen ideologies (many of which espoused a violent destruction of the state). They were, Antonio Contreras writes, “casualties” of their “ideological choices.”

So without further adieu, I want you to read the full text of the post below.

“I was jailed for two years because I was student activist at the Ateneo and a labor organizer in factories in Marikina. That’s true, but not the whole truth. I was a firebrand Communist, believing in my heart that only through the dictatorship of the proletariat could humanity end man’s exploitation of man. I headed the party’s organization in the metropolis when we were arrested.

We were also organizing the first armed urban guerillas called romantically the Armed City Partisans. While we were pathetic, really kids playing soldier with untested World War II vintage carbines and pistols, those units would later evolve in the 1980s as deadly assassination squads, called the Alex Boncayao Brigade.

I don’t like to be called a “human rights victim,” as that makes me look like a wimp and it is inauthentic. We were revolutionaries of that era, but we lost.”

“And if there were a proletarian heaven, my departed comrades peeking down at us would be so angry at being used by Aquino in his anti-Marcos propaganda and, “Martial Law victims”. They would prefer to be called Revolutionary Martyrs.”

We need to be honest with our history, and not let it be hijacked by the Yellow Cult, especially by Aquino, who is using it for his political agenda….”

“There were indisputably human rights violations during Martial Law, even the most despicable ones. Many of my close friends were killed by the military or the constabulary in their mid-twenties. However, I would blame Communist chief Jose Ma. Sison for many of those deaths because he deployed those men who were barely out of their teens to foment unrest and revolt in the countryside, telling them that the masses had been roused to revolution because of Martial Law.

They were very poorly armed, and were killed not even by the military but by police and militias who thought they were bandits.

The arrest orders against me and my late wife, Raquel, were issued by Ramos, who was, would you believe, PC Chief from 1970 to 1986. It was the PC’s top anti-subversive unit, the 5th Constabulary Security Unit (which also captured Communist chief Jose Sison and most of the Party’s leaders) that arrested us, with one of their tall burly soldiers beating me up.

We were incarcerated for nearly two years, early 1973 to Christmas 1974, in Camp Aguinaldo and Fort Bonifacio special prisons that were under the supervision of Martial Law administrator Enrile, so I should blame him for the scars of the boils I got on my body because of the malnutrition and unhygienic conditions in those prisons.”

the victims of these alleged atrocities are not as innocent as they are made out to be but were combatants of their chosen ideologies (many of which espoused a violent destruction of the state). They were, Contreras writes, “casualties” of their “ideological choices”

Even more interesting, the chief executors of Martial Law atrocities — then Philippine Constabulary chief Gen.Fidel Ramos and then Minister of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile — remain alive and are even revered as elder statesmen today.

The former student activist, political prisoner and rebel leader points out that they were more directly associated with his horrible experiences under Martial Law than Marcos could ever be.”

The former student activist referred to in the post is none other than Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao of The Manila Times.

Credits to: Bobi Tiglao


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