Former Scout Ranger wants Duterte to probe stolen AFP ammunitions that kill our soldiers in the battlefield. Read why!

A former Scout Ranger is on a personal mission to end the pilferage of government weapons and ammunition because of family tragedy.

According to former military rebel and now retired Scout Ranger Abe Purugganan, a cousin took his life after a military debacle that resulted in many casualties among government troopers while attacking an Abu Sayyaf camp.

Purugganan’s first cousin, Lt Colonel Caldeo led the ill-conceived assault of Mt. Puno Mahadji in Lamitan Basilan, resulting in casualties among his men.

When they overran the ASG camp, they were in for a shock of their lives after recovering ammo boxes and ammunitions in running trenches of the Abu Sayaf. They were the same ammunitions that the AFP gave to the MNLF.

Purugganan recalled that in 1999, he was tasked to investigate the “unaccounted voluminous assorted ammunitions intended for AFP units in SOUTHCOM AOR. As a result, I found out that those ammunitions were instead treacherously given to various units of MNLF in the area using a PN ship with a PA officer supervising the whole operation. When I rendered my exit call with the then COMSOUTHCOM Nazareno, he was surprised with the seriousness of my findings. He then called the VCSAFP/OESPA Mariano after which he told me to keep it to myself as they will deal with the issue at the top.”

Several years later, his cousin Lt. Col Caldeo suffered several casualties while attacking an ASG camp. Worse, they found out what killed their men were bullets from the AFP warehouse.

Fast forward today, the retired Scout Ranger, Abe Purugganan prays that Pres. Duterte will order a probe regarding the issue of pilferage of ammunition in the AFP now, not after the Marawi war is over.

A former soldier, Jose Fuellas Gamos, confirmed the shenanigans happening in our military and read: “Together with the Marines, my Team recovered boxes and boxes of assorted ammo and mortar rounds from the ASG in Luuk, Sulu in 2000. I was not surprised by the 30 HP FAs that we recovered but what got my serious concern was the ammo bowes that were marked DND Arsenal!”

Valdez Butchii said the same thing: “It’s has been a common complaints among the junior officers… Why can’t we defeat them when in fact they can always contain them in the battle fields.. I am privy to a situation when the enemy was contained and isolated already.. all they could do is to use artillery to weaken the firepower of he enemy but sad to say.. the field commander has to ask the go signal to use the artillery… Sa GHQ pa daw… Ano klaseng gira yan… When evry details are assess by men on the ground to pin the enemy.. why ask the higher ups pa… Kaya maraming nadismaya sa serbisyo noon.. Sana hindi na mangyayari da panahon ni Du30…”

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